Garlic For Blood Pressure And Cholesterol

Many people around the world suffer from high blood pressure without even being aware of the fact that they suffer from it. High blood pressure is fairly common among today’s adults and is a dangerous problem because not much heed is paid to the ill effects of high blood pressure. The USA is one of the worst countries when it comes to people affected with high blood pressure. High blood pressure, as the name suggests is when the blood flows at very high pressure in the body, because of stress and is also called hypertension. This is harmful to the body because the body is not designed to tolerate extreme levels of pressure and stress. Due to high blood pressure, there is constant exertion which can cause possible damage to the arteries which can result in kidney failure and ultimately leads to a heart attack which can be fatal. High blood pressure is very dangerous because it acts up slowly making you believe that you are well, thus if you feel that you may be a victim of high blood pressure immediately consult with your doctor t establish whether you have high blood pressure or not. The doctor may suggest a natural remedy, for example, Garlic for blood pressure/cholesterol.

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High blood pressure can be because of either a known ailment like heart or kidney disease or because of no obvious reason. Such kind of high blood pressure which exists without a cause is known as essential hypertension. Mostly, essential hypertension is because of the way people live and their habits. Smoking, drinking, and unhealthy habits all contribute to increased blood pressure. People with unhealthy lifestyles are more prone to be affected with high blood pressure which is significantly dangerous and harmful for the health. Because of the hectic schedule and lifestyle of people today, doctors recommend natural remedies such as garlic for high blood pressure/cholesterol. Along with garlic for high blood pressure/cholesterol maintaining a proper diet and a regular workout will also help. Cholesterol is also responsible for high blood pressure. Therefore, along with eating a balanced diet to help lose weight, lowering the cholesterol levels in the body will also help to reduce high blood pressure along with garlic for high blood pressure/cholesterol. For those with very severe cases and on whom garlic for high blood pressure/cholesterol makes a negligible impact, the best option is consulting a doctor and start some medication.

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Garlic for blood pressure/cholesterol is one of the best natural remedies. If people are reluctant to start medication, garlic for high blood pressure/cholesterol is a great remedy. Though it is not exactly a substitute for medication, it does wonder when dealing with high blood pressures. It is not widely known and accepted but there is a trace of evidence showing the role of garlic in reducing blood pressure and doing well to the body. The garlic sulfides present in the garlic are preserved even after it is cooked thus it is believed that it is these garlic sulfides and not the allicin that is also present in the garlic which is beneficial to the body because the allicin is removed from the garlic after it is cooked. Though it is not positive, and in most cases, people do not believe it but garlic may also help to deal with high cholesterol levels in the body thus also reducing the high blood pressure one is suffering from. Garlic is very popular as a cooking ingredient therefore it has a very wide range of being used in dishes. Also, before settling for garlic for high blood pressure/cholesterol it is advised to first consult your doctor who will establish the seriousness of the disease and then advise which treatment is most suited for you.


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Garlic notably reduces high blood pressure; however, the only problem is the amount of those ingredients in garlic. The useful ingredients are present in very low quantities in garlic thus requiring large intakes of garlic to make a substantial difference. Consuming large quantities of garlic is not very advisable, especially if you plan to step out of the house. Garlic for high blood pressure/ cholesterol is a very useful natural remedy but the points discussed above may not be the most feasible. Some very important steps which will further help are reducing meat intake and dairy products and consuming large amounts of fruits and changing your lifestyle on the whole. These along with garlic for high blood pressure/cholesterol will greatly result in a healthier you.

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