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French Dukan Diet And Atkin Diet

Diet plans have become popular these days with almost everybody wanting to shed the extra pounds. Off late the French Dukan diet has created quite a stir in the weight loss industry. This diet derives its name from its French creator known as Dr. Pierre Dukan. The French Dukan diet basically stresses a lot, on the importance of protein in our daily diet along with a certain amount of restriction on the consumption of carbohydrates and protein. The diet plan is categorized into four phases. The first two phases are designed in such a manner that enables people to lose the maximum amount of weight and the last two phases emphasize the maintenance of a body mass which is healthy so that common health problems can be kept at bay.

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Dukan diet is already popular in France and with its introduction in America; the news of the French Dukan diet outperforming weight watchers and the Atkin diet is already doing the rounds in the media. With the weight watchers diet, one needs to count their calories with every meal, but this is not the case with the Dukan diet. The first phase of the Dukan Diet is known as the attack phase and it is mainly dependent on the amount of weight that a person aims to lose. One can lose up to ten pounds within the first phase of the Dukan diet. During this phase, one should follow a diet that is rich in protein and one can lose around ten pounds just within a span of five days.  Chicken, yogurt, fresh fruit juices, egg whites, etc are the favorite picks during the first phase of the diet.

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The second phase of the Dukan diet is known as the cruise phase. The food items which should be consumed during this phase are cabbage, fruit juices, spinach, etc and one can lose up to three pounds within the second phase. The vegetables consumed during this phase should be consumed raw or boiled and one should try to avoid any kind of fried food during this time. The third phase of the Dukan diet generally begins when one is satisfied with the targeted weight loss achievement. One can have low-fat butter, apples, and watermelon during this time. The duration of the third phase basically depends on the amount of weight that is lost in the first two phases. The last phase is known as the stabilization phase and one can have chicken and vegetables on a daily basis. One can also have rice once a week. The results given by the Dukan diet are quite impressive and many people are inspired to follow this diet plan for their weight loss program.

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