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Foods to increase the Breast Milk

As soon as a woman became a mother, her mind starts to think about many new changes in her life. One of them is to feed her baby. A lot of questions related to breast milk start running in the mind, like will she be able to feed her child properly? Is there will be a proper supply of breast milk to fill his stomach? How much quantity of milk baby actually needed? One of the most common questions comes in mind related to breast milk is how to increase breast milk?

Breast milk is natural which have many essential components and had many benefits to the newborns. It is a very pure and safe drink for the babies rather than many other substitutes. Before we start to discuss that what to eat to increase the breast milk, first take a look at what essential nutrients BM contains:

  • There are millions of live cells present in the breast milk which have white blood cells and stem cells and is very useful in human organ’s development.
  • It has many proteins which help in baby growth and development of the brain.
  • The complex sugars also are known as oligosaccharides are good bacteria and antibiotics which is to prevent the infections.
  • The variety of Vitamins and minerals are there in breast milk which is helpful in the growth of baby’s teeth and bones.
  • Breast milk contains many antibodies which are also known as immunoglobulin. They are responsible to cure against illness and infections.

These are some of the basic things which are explained just to say you that breast milk for babies is good and it has no side effects on your baby. There are many Benefits of Breast milk which every mother should know. If you are a working mom then you can make storage of your milk while going for the job. You can use breast milk pump which will easily suck your milk. The breast pumps are easily available in the market or you can buy it online. Make sure to feed baby your breast milk at least for 6 months.

Many people think that there is no effect on the supply of breast milk by eating any types of foods. However, it is not so true. Our old grandmothers had showered many of their applied home remedies to increase the breast milk so that baby gets proper nutrients through the milk. Today we are going to discuss the foods which are really very healthy for you and your baby.

Have a look at the foods that increases breast milk:

  • Green vegetables: There are many green leafy vegetables which help in increasing the breast milk. Spinach, fenugreek leaves, kale and many other leafy veggies are rich in iron and calcium. They increase the milk as well as provide essential nutrients to the baby.
  • Cumin seeds or Jeera: The cumin seeds are a very good and rich source of increasing breast milk. Even many ladies take the cumin powder as a medicine for a better supply of milk.
  • Milk: The cow milk is rich in folic acid, healthy fats and calcium which are good for your baby. Your intake of milk will increase the better milk supply for your baby. Add milk twice a day in your meal from the first day of your pregnancy.
  • Oatmeal: This is a good option for mothers who have recently experienced the delivery. The oatmeal not only increases the breast milk but it also helps in controlling post-delivery diabetes. This food is very rich in energy and thus also keeps the body active.
  • Garlic: The garlic is not liked by many women but who love to eat garlic should add it in their daily meal. This has many lactogenic properties which help in the supply of milk in mothers.
  • Whole grains: You can have all types of whole grains which include barley, whole wheat, brown rice and so many others. The whole grains are always rich in many essential nutrients and also help in increasing breast milk.
  • Asparagus: The intake of Asparagus provides Vitamin A and K in the body and is rich in high fibre foods. The Asparagus stimulates the hormone which is responsible for the supply of milk.
  • Apricots: The apricots are good for your whole pregnancy period and after delivery also. This is rich in iron and calcium and helps in lactation supply. Eat the apricots in the morning to see its more effective results.
  • Bitter Gourd: The bitter gourd is a very good vegetable for increasing the milk supply. However, it is bitter to eat as the name suggest but keeps the mother body hydrated. If you also don’t like the bitter gourd then try to make it different with combinations of other vegetables. Add onion and tomato to make it tasty.

These are some of the very few examples of foods that increase breast milk. There are lots more which you will really get to know from the old ladies of your family or neighbours. They have so much knowledge and experience which actually helps us in our life.

Apart from food, there are some other methods which increase the breast milk supply. Have a look at them:

  1. The frequent breastfeeding gradually increases breast milk. As often as you will feed your baby the milk supply will increase. As much as your baby will suck your breast, the hormone will trigger your breast to produce more milk. So, whenever your baby demands your milk don’t deny and let him feed.
  1. If you think that a long gap has come in feeding your baby then pump your breast to release the milk. These will help to supply the new milk.
  1. Always keep in mind that feed your baby from both breasts. This will maintain the milk supply on both sides.

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