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Folic Acid Rich Foods

Folic acid is not a naturally occurring vitamin; rather it is a man-made version of one of the naturally occurring vitamins called folate. It is however possible for an individual to increase the intake of folic acid into his body by consuming folic acid-rich foods which play an extremely important in promoting different health-related functions in the human body.

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Folic acid has been found to be extremely important for the conduct of several body functions. It plays a role in nucleotide biosynthesis as well as remethylation of homocysteine. Not only it is extremely important during the periods of cell division as well as growth. Folic acid is also required for adequate production of red blood cells. Therefore, it is extremely important for an individual to ensure an appropriate intake of folic acid-rich foods.

Additionally, it is possible for a person to take vitamin supplements in addition to folic acid-rich foods so as to increase the overall intake of folic acid. Consuming folic acid-rich foods is important as folic acid has several benefits. These include decreased risk of anemia that is sufficient red blood cells will be available in the body in order to ensure adequate transport of oxygen throughout the body. Adequate consumption of folic acid-rich foods and folate supplements will help a woman to prevent pregnancy-related defects that may occur in a fetus. These defects that may be seen in the fetus as a result of folic acid deficiency include spina bifida and anencephaly. By consuming folic acid-rich foods, one can also prevent the risk of colon cancer.

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Another established advantage of folic acid is that it is capable of lowering the levels of homocysteine which is an amino acid leading to the development of an increased risk of heart disease in our body.

Folic acid and hence folic acid-rich foods are required for the normal functioning and growth of individuals. Lack of folic acid or insufficient consumption of folic acid-rich foods may increase the chances of anemia and megaloblastic anemia.

The important causes of folic acid deficiency include poor intake of folic acid-rich foods, poor absorption, increased requirements of folic acid due to growth or pregnancy, intake of some drugs, certain specific disease conditions, and consumption of oral contraceptives, increased alcohol consumption, etc.

As a result of poor consumption of folic acid-rich foods, the various symptoms may be seen to occur such as poor growth, painful and red colored tongue, loss of appetite or poor appetite, stomach and intestine related problems such as diarrhea, constipation, fatigue, and tiredness.

The deficiency of folic acid can be taken care of by adequate consumption of folic acid-rich foods or other folate supplements. The different folic acid rich foods include meat (liver, kidney), egg yolk, legumes, almonds, nuts, potato, wholegrain bread, sweet potato, etc. several fruits and vegetables may also be considered folic acid rich foods such as spinach, beetroot, broccoli, cabbage, banana, peaches, etc. It is important to eat raw fruits and vegetables. This is because most of the time, cooking can lead to the destruction of folic acid. One should also avoid excessive consumption of alcohol. Some researchers have found that increasing the consumption of folic acid-rich foods can also reduce the chances of heart disease. However, still more studies are required to substantiate the same. However, folic acid is by all means good for inducing a different kind of health benefits, especially for pregnant women.

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The recommended daily intake has been suggested to be 400 micrograms per day. However, for pregnant women, it is 600 micrograms per day. The different breakfast cereals are enriched with folic acid. Spinach is another very rich source of folic acid. Yet other examples of foods containing folic acid include peanut butter, beans, etc. Green leafy vegetables are one of the most important examples of folic acid-rich foods. This is because they have an adequate quantity of folic acid in them. Though the folic acid content is not as high as cereals but considering the overall benefits offered by leafy vegetables, it appears to be an attractive option to include the same in one’s diet.

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