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Fenugreek Seeds- Methi Oil For Hair Care

Methi (Fenugreek seeds) is one of the best herbs that can be used in many ways as a home remedy for problems of hair, skin, or other health conditions like diabetes and obesity.  Due to its beneficial effects without side effects, methi is widely used in general cooking and treatments and in prevention methods.

Hair fall, thinning hair, premature greying of hair, and dandruff are problems with hair faced by all of us at some point in life. While a loss of 50-75 hair strands on a daily basis is normal, sustained and heavy hair fall is cause for concern. Hair problems often are signs of an underlying health problem and must be addressed at the earliest.

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Often hair problems are caused by a deficiency of proteins, iron, and vitamins in the diet. This can be addressed by taking a course on iron and multivitamins on a doctor’s advice. A high protein diet also is necessary to promote new hair growth. On the cosmetic front, regular oil massages, the use of hair packs, and medicinal oils promote hair growth.

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Hair massage with medicated oil

For oil massages, the use of medicated hair oils is a must. The oil should be warmed and rubbed into the scalp using rotational movements of the fingers. The hair can be spread up to the ends of the hair by combing through with a fine comb. Winding a towel soaked in hot water like a turban around the head enables the pores in the scalp to open and the oil to permeate to the hair roots. Hair massage twice a week for 8 weeks brings amazing results like stopping hair fall, dense hair growth, and reducing greying of hair.

To prepare medicinal oil, we can make use of herbs available in the kitchen. Methi or fenugreek is commonly known as a wonder herb when it comes to controlling hair fall. Methi has multiple uses – it can be used as a hair pack, as a powder to wash hair, or as an herb in hair oil. To prepare methi hair oil, we need to use either coconut, mustard, sesame, or olive oils. A combination of any of the oils with a dash of castor oil also works well.

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Method for preparing methi oil

Soak 6 teaspoons of methi seeds overnight. In the morning, drain the water and keep it in a closed vessel. In a day or two, the methi sees will sprout. Drain water completely and grind the seeds. Dry in the sun till all the moisture has evaporated.

Take 250 ml of any or a combination of the oils listed above in an iron vessel and heat on a low flame. Allow any moisture content in the oil to evaporate. Add the methi powder and stir. The oil will froth at which stage turn off the heat. Cool, filter, and store the oil for use.

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