Femara For Infertility

A drug Letrozole can be classified under substances that are called aromatase inhibitors. The generic name of Letrozole is Femara. It has been used to treat breast cancer of post-menopausal women. The drug is believed to be effective in the treatment of fertility in women who have one of these disorders

  • Fertility problems for which the cause has not been determined
  • Ovulation problems

How does Femara work?

Femara inhibits the production of estrogen and the formation of estradiol, a female hormone. Because of this, the level of estrogen in women can be brought down.  When estrogen levels are down, the brain receives a message to enhance the output of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH). Due to this the ovulation process receives a boost. This procedure is called ‘induction of ovulation. 

When Femara is administered, multiple follicles and multiple eggs tend to develop. This increases the chance of pregnancy. The process is termed superovulation by doctors.

Advantage of Femara over Clomid

Clomiphene citrate (Clomid) has been used as an oral drug to cure instances of infertility. However, with the entry of Femara, more and more people have switched over to accepting Femara. Femara scores over Clomid in the following ways

  • Several women did not show a positive reaction to Clomid administration and were given Femara
  • Among these women, some have found increased ovulation after being administered Letrozole
  • Among those who reported increased ovulation, several also became pregnant
  • Clomid can give rise to side effects while Femara is free from the same

 Who can be treated with Femara

  1. Women who have had no positive change (even after five or six menstrual cycles), on the administration of Clomid
  2. Women who have suffered severe complications on the administration of Femara
  3. Women who have had problems, both small and big, after taking a Clomid treatment
  4. Whose endometrium is not tough and thick, in spite of an occurrence of ovulation


Dosage Of Femara

Femara is prescribed in the dose of 5 to 7.5 mg per day for five days (from the fifth day to the ninth day of the menstrual cycle). For some women, a smaller dose (2.5 mg) is sufficient. 

Efficiency of Femara

The chances of pregnancy can be increased when Femara is administered if

  • The women are not too old to conceive (not more than 35 years)
  • She does not have any other problems related to infertility
  • The fallopian tubes are healthy
  • The male sperm quality is good
  • If Intrauterine Insemination is coupled with the administration of Femara

Side effects and risks Of Femara

A study by Canadian doctors, five years ago, found a correlation between administrations of Femara to certain birth defects in pregnancy. Due to this reason, some doctors do not recommend Femara to treat infertility, while there are other doctors who do prescribe the drug and also make the patient and the family aware of the 2005 study.

Femara is an aromatase inhibitor that works well as a fertility drug. It helps increase ovulation. Clomide is also a fertility drug, but Femara reports claim that the latter is far superior to the former. There are certain guidelines followed, to ensure the efficacy of Femara.  

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