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Father’s Day Special: Responsibility of a husband as a father

Father is the backbone of every family and plays a very vital role in the overall growth of his child. However, the sacrifices of mothers are always seen and noticed but anyone ever gives priority to the father’s contribution to the children’s life as compared to their mothers! Well, this is a quite confusing question so we should leave the discussion on this topic. Find Top 8 Excellent Ways To Strengthen Father and Son Relationship.

As we all know that a baby needs equal participation of parents in his whole growth process. Mother’s love and father’s protective nature provides a healthy life to every child and it is a very essential part of their life to be with their parents and getting a response in all things what they do.

So, you have gone through with many mother’s love and sacrifices articles but today we are going to tell you how your husband changes as a father and become very serious with his fatherhood responsibilities.

Perfect single dad relationship with daughters

Let’s have a look at how a man changes himself according to the different stage of his child’s age:

Fathers with their newborn babies

We all know that the babies in their starting life had an emotional attachment with their mothers and he needs his mum whenever he cries. But it is also seen in many cases that a father is also equally attached to his baby and gets equal attention from them. This happens to the fathers, who are giving a response at every cries and signal of their baby. In the starting days, a baby can only feel the touch and after some time the voice. The baby gets habitual of fathers touch when he is responding at baby’s every reaction.

Toddlers and father connection

The toddler is the stage where a baby wants to explore the things and at this age, the father helps him to learn the new things. It is a father who plays with the baby in newly invented ways when our mothers are busy in household works.

Father’s role with school going kids

Now the baby had crossed his playing time by doing various experiments and research on his toys, and now it’s time to get school. Here, came the father who helps the baby by encouraging them to go to school. A baby develops himself to stay in the society in many ways like confidence, respect for others, social and moral values and most important patience by getting inspired by his father.

Father as a playing partner

This is seen in many cases that a mother always hold the house responsibility and it is the father who plays harder with their babies to make them strong and active. The outdoor games as well some indoor playing activities are performed by a father. It is the father who let them learn the lesson that how to deal with the winning and losing of any game. However, a mother also plays with babies but a little bit less active than a father.

Father as a Teacher

A father has many responsibilities in making their kids a gentleman by letting them know about all the right and wrong things. This is mostly done by fathers because there is hardly any mother who is too hard and strict to teach a life lesson to their kids. A man can strict to their kids if they are going on the wrong path. It is very important to teach the children that he is doing wrong. Unlike mothers are softer to their kids, a father has the power to control their emotions and maintain a relationship with his child by showing his tough side to prepare him for the real life. So, a father not only teaches a child about playing skills and academic knowledge but he also makes them learn about life lessons.

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A protective father

As we all know that when a father is at home we all feel very protective including our mothers too. Men are always better at identifying the wrong person. There is no shame to accept that now our society is full of lusty people who didn’t leave the animals for their lusty feelings so how can they leave the small kids. It is the father who can draw a safety line with such people if he identifies. It is a father’s duty to teach them how to fight with such situations. Teach them that what are safe things and how to deal with any situation when he is alone.

Father’s companion

This is yet another need for a child to be blessed with the father’s company. The special occasion’s like birthday, parties, parent’s teacher meet, and many other such functions are incomplete without a father’s presence. A father can be a crime partner, dance partner, etc. and can make their kids secure in all his doings.

Role Model

A father is the first perfect man in every child’s life. Even the girls expect the exact same man as his father when he meets his soul mate. The boy wants to follow the successful steps of his father to win over all the difficulties and hurdles he will face in the coming life. A father cannot stay with us for the whole life but his ethics will be always there to guide us for the whole lifetime. A man is a real hero and a strong role model for every child’s life.

No doubt, the mom is also important but still, the presence of dad in our life can make us a blessed child by God. The presence of father’s contribution in our life is very important because of our overall growth in all the fields, It is seen that the babies who got the support of both his parents achieve a success goal in his entire life. So, please respect your father a lot about whether he is strict or ruling because whatever he does is always for our better future.

Happy Father’s Day

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