Extreme And Fast Weight Loss

Many people have been trying to put off weight for ages, it’s magic and fun-loving. Losing weight entails, for most people, suffering, and feelings of deprivation that in some cases add up to torture. The process is by nature slow, and as with many things in life, slow and steady generally wins the race! However, there are more drastic alternatives for those who simply can’t wait, or for those who have failed too many times at losing weight in the traditional way. I am talking about a surgical procedure known as liposuction, which will allow you to get rid of locally placed extra fat in your body from one day to the next.

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Does Liposuction Work?

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As with any surgical intervention, liposuction needs to be carried out by a professional plastic surgeon, in a hygienic environment. The procedure is quite simple. In an initial visit, the doctor and the patient talk about where the problems lie as regards extra fat, the doctor informs the patient of his/her options and possibilities. Blood and heart tests are taken for the doctor to examine. It is important to talk to the surgeon about your expectations since he/she will be able to provide you with a realistic view of the process and its results.

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How Does Liposuction Work?

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On the day of the operation, the surgeon will mark your body in order to get a good visual idea of where to remove the fat from. Then, anesthesia will be given to the patient. Anesthesia can be general or local, as per the patient’s request and possibilities. Then the doctor will insert a syringe attached to a plastic tube and, after injecting a substance that will loosen the fat, will proceed to extract all the accumulated fat. Once the operation finishes, the amount of time you must stay in the clinic depends on the amount of fat extracted. If it is considerable, then the doctor may wish you to stay in order to monitor your state and make sure you are not dehydrated. After this period, the patient can go back home. Again, if the amount of fat extracted is considerable, the patient will have to limit his/her activities. No strenuous physical activity is recommended for at least two weeks after the operation, but the patient can go back to his/her normal activities already the day after the surgery. You must wear tight compressive garments for weeks after the operation to get the best possible results. After the procedure, you will be a bit bloated and the areas can be swollen, so the definite results will be made apparent five to six months afterward. Though the financial cost of this procedure can be rather high, the results are always worth it.

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Liposuction is then the fastest, most effective way of losing weight. Consult your doctor; he will be able to tell you whether you can undergo the surgery. Investigate clinics and cosmetic surgeons before putting yourself in their hands. Follow the surgeon’s instructions to the letter and say hi to a new you fast!

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