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Exercise to avoid during pregnancy

Hello all preggies, as soon as you get pregnant people to start to advise you for various things. Exercise is also one advice, and normally all the ladies follow the rules of exercise very sincerely to stay fit and healthy.

But have you ever thought that this listened advice of exercise can harm your baby? Yes, we are right. Some exercises are not made for the pregnant women but due to lack of knowledge about the effective pregnancy workouts, you start to do them without asking anyone. This can harm your uterus which results in the miscarriage. So, before starting anything new during pregnancy, it is better to consult with the doctor.

There are few exercise and activities which you should avoid while you are pregnant to prevent the pregnancy from injuries or being damaged. Have a look at some of them so that you can get knowledge of choosing the correct exercise to stay healthy. Check out:

 Weight losing exercise

The weight gain in the pregnant lady is common and thus the preggies should not practice the weight loss exercises. It is said that the weight gain of a pregnant lady is the sign of a healthy baby. Ask your doctor whether your weight is gaining in proper ratio or not. If you feel that your prenatal weight is increasing in an abnormal way, immediately consult with your doctor to prevent any type of disease like Thyroid. Instead of heavy exercise start eating healthy.

We know that it is quite hard to accept that you will gain your much weight, but in return, you will get little you in your hands after nine months.

Contact sports

The contact sports should be avoided because the way it is played has more chances to hit your belly. Some of the contact sports include hockey, martial arts, football, rugby, soccer, ice hockey, basketball, etc. If you are a big sporty lover of these sports then play it in the first trimester. But it should be strictly avoided in the next two trimester when your baby bump will start to get bigger.

Scuba Diving

The scuba diving is not safe while you are pregnant because the nitrogen gas bubbles can reach to your unborn baby who has no protection against decompression sickness.

Back exercise

Stop doing the exercise in which you have to get down on your back. It is said that back exercise can cause low blood pressure and dizziness to pregnant women. The less supply of blood can also less the flow of blood at the baby and mother’s heart. However, this does not happen to all the ladies. So, if you feel comfortable in this position, you can try it after consulting the doctor.

Don’t force your body

It is very obvious that during pregnancy you are going to face fatigue and tiredness while doing any activity. Don’t compare your previous days and feels depressed. Instead, during pregnancy give your body rest and don’t force it to complete the desired sets of exercise. When you force your body to do anything then it reduces the blood flow in the uterus and thus unhealthy baby in the womb.

Breath holding exercise

Don’t hold your breath during pregnancy. Any exercise which includes the part of breath holding in it should be avoided. If you will not breathe properly then you and your baby will not get the constant flow of oxygen which is actually very important.

Weight lifting exercises

Weight lifting by women shows her strength but this is not good during pregnancy. Apart from miscarriage, there are many other risks which harm the pregnancy, like, misbalancing, risk of falling, injury to the abdomen, affect the baby’s growth and development and many more.

Stomach lying exercises

The exercise which includes lying on the stomach can increase the risk of miscarriage. It is better to avoid such workouts.

Yoga for good pregnancy

Tummy strengthen exercise

Some exercise which is done to strengthen the abdominal can uncomfortable the preggies because of muscle weakness due to the growing uterus.

Prenatal exercise is beneficial but above discussed workouts and activities should be avoided during the whole pregnancy period. Apart from the exercises, there are certain workout situations which should also be avoided to get the healthy pregnancy of nine months. Check out:

Avoid the heat timing: If your pregnancy is experiencing the summer season then avoid the exercises when it is too hot. There are many places where people start to fight with the scorching wind early in the morning. If you are in such cities then avoid doing workouts because it may affect your blood pressure.

Water: Make sure that during your workouts, you will keep your body hydrated to avoid any type of dehydration problems.

AC workout places: If it is too hot then choose the gym or other workout classes which has an air conditioner in it. It will save you from the heat, sweating and other problems which occur due to excess hotness.

Classes not for preggies: It is better if you join the special classes of exercises which are running for the pregnant ladies. The yoga, Pilates, aerobic and other workout classes are beneficial if it has a teacher to guide the pregnant ladies. This will help in getting you certain information that which exercises and positions should be avoided.

Risk of abdominal injury: There are some sports which should be avoided to prevent abdominal injuries. Sports like, Gymnastic, downhill skiing, ice skating, horseback riding, cycling, bungee jumping, rollerblading, diving, tracking, etc, should be avoided.

Yoga pose: Some of the yoga poses includes the motionless standing which is harmful to pregnant ladies. After the first trimester, these types of position restrict the blood flow to reach the whole body including the uterus.

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