Eight Month Of Pregnancy

The size of the baby during the eighth week of pregnancy is approximately around fourteen to twenty millimeters. A lot of growth takes place in the baby during this time. Initially, the baby has a small tail, but with the onset of the eighth week, the tail will disappear. Eyelids will also develop this time so that they can cover the eyes. The arms and legs start to lengthen now.  The baby’s brain also develops in this time and nerve cells start to build intricate connections with each other through which communication can be made possible. The lungs also get a lot mature during the eighth week of pregnancy, although they will become completely mature during the final weeks of pregnancy. A connection is formed from the throat to the lungs through tubes. The formation of elbows begins this week so that the baby can fold his arms around the chest. Most of the other organs continue to develop at a blitzkrieg speed during this time.

The uterus experiences a lot of expansion by the eighth week of pregnancy, but even now the baby bump will not be prominent. The size of the uterus is just like the size of a grape, by this time. This is considered as tremendous progress from the first few weeks of pregnancy. Women, for whom it is not the first pregnancy, tend to sport the baby bump sooner than the women for whom it is their first pregnancy. Especially in the case of first-time pregnancy, the baby bump is not visible till the twentieth week of pregnancy, but many women who are having their second pregnancy have visible baby bumps from the eighth week onwards. Women who are going to have twins or triplets will have an evident baby bump sooner than women who will not be producing twins or triplets. This happens because twins or triplets tend to occupy more space in the uterus.

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One can easily notice the changes that take place in the breasts during the eighth week of pregnancy. The breast besides being tender also becomes enlarged by this time. In most cases, the woman will experience a considerable amount of growth in the breasts throughout the entire period of pregnancy as the body prepares itself for producing breast milk for the baby. You might notice the broadening of your waistline but the outsiders will not be able to notice this type of minuscule change. You will get tired easily and might also get nauseous sometimes. These symptoms will tend to disappear as the pregnancy progresses. Some women have sore breasts by this time, for which they can find comfort by getting a good maternity bra. Abdominal cramps are normal during this time because the growth of the fetus makes the uterus stretch and this can cause some amount of pain.  If bleeding occurs along with abdominal pain, then the doctor should be contacted immediately as it might be a sign of a miscarriage.

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