Effective Tips of getting pregnant 

Pregnancy is a very natural process in women. There are many couples who enjoy this happiness very easily but many other couples have to face a lot of difficulties to conceive the baby. The couples even don’t know the reason why they are suffering from childlessness even after doing all the things correctly. There are many questions arising in their mind and because of shyness, they don’t share it with anyone. So, We have just tried to give you the answers to all the questions in the mind. Check Out:


The very first thing to know is the correct process to conceiving the baby. Many couples get intimated to a number of times but still not getting the success. The reason behind it is because they don’t know the process that how sperms react with eggs to get fertile. Actually, this is a process when women’s egg and men’s sperm have fertilized and both came in contact with each other. The fertilized egg and sperms make the combination to get you pregnant.



The pregnancy process starts from the first day of your menstruation cycle. Lets us tell you the whole process which happens in between your periods till you get pregnant. Check out:

  • The eggs in your ovaries mature once in a month and moreover, the possibility is just a day after your periods have finished.
  • The lining of the women womb gets thicker to make the eggs fertilized.
  • After the egg has been fertilized they are released from the ovaries and this period is known as Ovulation.
  • During this period when Men sperms go through women’s cervix into the uterus and the fallopian tubes to meet a mature egg, there is a possibility of getting pregnant.
  • If the eggs are properly fertilized they move towards the womb and divide into more cells.
  • Once the egg reaches into the womb they have to attach the lining of the womb and this is the starting of the pregnancy. This process is called implantation. Sometimes it happens that the fertilized eggs don’t implant and they come out of the body.
  • In another case, if your eggs are not fertilized then the eggs will absorb by the body and the womb lining shed. And then again wait to end the next menstruation cycle.

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The best time to get pregnant is the timing of the ovulation. Try to get to know that when you are ovulating. Some tips to know your ovulation time:

  • Most women ovulate between day 11 and Day 21 of their cycle. Day 1 is the first day of your periods. These 10 days have the capability to make you pregnant. This happens approximately to all the women if they have a regular monthly cycle. 
  • The sexual desire of women increases and that is the best time to get pregnant. Even some men find sexier to her women they enjoying her ovulation period.
  • The women will feel that their body temperature has increased. After ovulation, the progesterone levels rise in women body and thus increase the body temperature.
  • Try to observe the cervix position during the ovulation period. During these periods the cervix moves up higher and it becomes softer to the touch and opens slightly.
  • During the ovulation period, you will feel the breast tenderness. The changing hormones lead to many changes in the body.


Sometimes this may happen that you are trying your best but still not getting pregnant. This may happen when you are not ovulating. There are some signs and symptoms which will let you inform that you are not ovulations are:

  • The irregular cycles are one of the common symptoms which will tell you that you have some ovulation problems. If you are facing a couple of month’s gap in between periods then do consult with your doctor.
  • If you have no menstrual cycle then it is very dangerous for your health. In this case, there is no chance of becoming pregnant. 
  • Even there is a possibility of many internal health risk problems which can prove very serious.
  • If you always feel the normal and same body temperature then you’re are not ovulating. Try to prepare charts early in the morning in which you mention the day and the body temperature.
  • Ovulation test kits detect the hormone LH, which surges just before ovulation occurs. If you never get a positive result, you may not be ovulating.



Getting pregnant is not an easy task. However, some couples get the goal so quickly but some have to know the exact and correct process of getting pregnant. Here are some of the effective tips to get pregnant. We assure that if you have a normal menstrual cycle then these tips will surely give you the happiness of being pregnant.

  • Get a checkup

If you are not conceiving the baby then take a checkup and ask the doctor to give you some vitamin, calcium and folic acid’s supplements. This will boost your energy and make your uterus strong to handle the baby in the womb. Sometimes weakness is also one of the causes of not getting pregnant.

  • Take a record

Note down the record of your period’s date, Body Basal Temperature and ovulation day. You can check the ovulation period from various types of ovulation checking kits which are easily available in the market.

  • Intimate frequently

Try to Intimate on every day which is considered as ovulation days. You can ask your doctor to tell you about the ovulation period so that you can try at that time.

  • Body weight

Try to maintain your body weight because both the overweight and underweight women face problems in conceiving the baby.

  • Healthy foods

If you are addicted to eating junk and spicy foods then say bye to them if you want to get pregnant. Make a food chart of healthy foods which includes a variety of fruits and vegetables, lean protein, whole grains, dairy and healthy sources of fat.

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