Dukan Diet Plan

The Dukan diet plan has reached a new level of popularity with Carole Middleton’s admission that she has been following this diet. With this piece of news, there was a rumor that even Kate Middleton has been following this diet and its great results were seen by the world on the day of the royal wedding. The foundation of the Dukan diet plan is based on the consumption of low carbohydrates and high protein-rich foods.

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The Dukan diet plan is segregated into four phases. The initial phase is popularly known as the attack phase, wherein one needs to consume protein-based foods and it can start off the process of weight loss. The next phase is known as the cruise phase where one needs to have vegetables and protein-rich foods. This phase lasts for three days and every day one just needs to have protein-rich foods along with vegetables.

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The third phase of the Dukan diet plan is known as the consolidation phase. This phase is basically to ward off the weight gain, which generally occurs when a person starts following a strict diet. The last phase is known as the stabilization phase. In order to retain the current body weight, the last phase of the Dukan diet plan is planned for a span of seven days. During this time one needs to consume protein foods along with oat bran. With the help of Dukan diet plan, many people have been able to lose weight, and most importantly they are able to retain that weight loss.

According to several nutritionists, the Dukan diet plan might yield good results in a short span of time but it might not be good for the body in the long run. According to the doctors, the Dukan diet plan can cause many types of nutritional deficiencies in the body. Constipation and bad breath are some of the side effects of the Dukan diet plan as this diet are devoid of carbohydrates. Some experts claim that the Dukan diet plan is comparatively better than other diet plans as it helps in curbing the hunger pangs which results in weight loss.

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The popularity of the Dukan diet plan is also because of the fact that many celebrities endorse it and this aspect impresses many people. When a celebrity endorses any particular diet such as the Dukan diet, then it influences a lot of people to follow the popular diet.

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