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Dry Skin Fixes

The skin forms a protective layer between our body and the environment. Our skin contains tens of thousands of tactile nerve endings, sweat pores, and sebaceous glands. The oil glands in the skin keep our skin soft and moisturized with their secretions.

25 Easy Remedies for Dry Skin

1. Go slow on the use of the soap and hot water cleansing routine. The chemicals in the soap aggravate skin dryness. Instead of soaps, use mild face washes and Luke warm water to wash your face.

2. Milk is one of the most effective cures for dry skin. Add milk to the last mug of bath water and splash it over your body.

3. Milk cream, when applied over the face, cleanses the skin and softens it.

4. Honey is a wonder food, but also is an effective moisturizer. Honey can be applied over the face and washed off after 15 minutes to get dewy, fresh skin.

5. Hands and feet are especially prone to dryness. Petroleum jelly, when applied to the feet, heels, knees, and elbows, softens dry skin.

6. Glycerine and rose water can be applied to very dry skin for miniaturization.

7. Cracked heels and dry feet can be cured by rubbing the inside of the ripe banana peel.

8. Use baby oil on your face to ease the dryness

9. Apply olive oil before your bath for soft skin

10. The pulp of ripe papaya and banana can be used for  a facemask on dry skin

11. The pulp of avocado, mixed with honey is an effective cure for itchy skin.

12. Cucumber slices when rubbed over the face cure tightness and  mild dryness of skin


13. Creams containing shea butter are effective on dry skin.

14. A mixture of coconut and olive oils is effective in smoothening rough knees and elbows.

15. Grape seed oil is a new cure for dry skin

16. A paste of 2 almonds in milk is an effective cure for  dry facial skin

17. A diet rich in nuts and fish oil works to prevent dry skin

18. Gentle exfoliation with oatmeal and granulated sugar helps in sloughing dry skin.

19. Aloe Vera gel is very soothing on scaly skin

20. Avoid excessive coffee consumption as it leads to drying of the skin

21. Ayurveda recommends weekly oil massages with mustard oil to cure winter dryness.

22. A mixture of gram flour and cream should be used as a soap substitute

23. Baby lotion and moisturizing creams should be applied immediately after a bath

24. Glycerine is a good remedy for chapped lips

25. Petroleum jelly is an effective remedy for chilblains.

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