Dry Skin During Pregnancy

Being pregnant for a lady requires a lot of patience. The period of the complete 9 months of pregnancy often brings a huge number of troubles along with itself. The most common and usual type of trouble is the problem of dry skin and this dry skin also causes itching on the hands and the sole of the feet.

The basic mechanism of the problem of dry skin in ladies with the unborn child is on the basis of reduction of body fluids. The body fluids gradually go on decreasing due to the co-existence of a small and unborn child within their womb. Though the feel of being a mother or pregnant cannot be described, yet the cost of being pregnant has to be paid.

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The problem of dry skin is much more pronounced in women who have very dry skin. In this problem, the blood and such body fluids get lowered down in level. It due to the fact that these fluids are consumed up in the required growth of the body and the loss of these fluids from the body is naturally compensated but the moisture of the skin. The humidity and the moisture of the skin get absorbed and this situation results in the dry and much itchy skin of the pregnant lady.


The solution to this problem is most commonly like some homemade remedy. The problem of dry and itching skin is usual in the case of any pregnant lady and thus, has a number of basic solutions which are really easy to follow and do not require any hard effort. The most fundamental point of the solutions is massaging the skin at regular intervals. It should be noted carefully that no anti-itching ointments or the product of this category must be used. These products and ointments may contain several chemicals which may, later on, prove to be harmful to the growth of the child who is in the womb. The chemicals which are added in such ointments are being checked for their effect on the babies, but till now no strong proof of these chemicals being harmless has been presented. So, the chances cannot be taken, that too on the terms of the growth of the unborn baby. The moisturizers which are used must be prescribed by the doctors or they must be very mild in nature.

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The second most fundamental solution is the intake of water by ladies who are going through pregnancy. It is often suggested by many people that pregnant women should definitely increase their intake of the amount of water. The increased amount of water in the body is consumed up quite rapidly as this water compensates for the rapid decrease of the blood and other such body fluids. The additional water amount also provides the required moisture content in the skin and prevents the irritating problem of dry skin.

Besides the above-mentioned solutions, there are other easy-to-follow solutions like using good oils during a shower. These oils are usually preferred to be olive oil or coconut oil. They provide the necessary moisture to the skin very nicely. Also, moisturizing or massaging with mild moisturizer or cream is most effective when it is done just after the shower. After the shower, the skin is wet and damp. Damp skin absorbs the moisturizer and maintains the moisture content in the skin affectively and that too for a very long period of time.


Taking a bath or shower should not be at very frequent intervals. And if taking a shower, the water must not be really hot or even warm. Just lukewarm water is the best-suited option for the bathing of the ladies who are going through their pregnancy period of time. The soap which is used while taking bath must not be harsh or including chemicals. Only mild soaps or liquid washes should be preferred while bathing as it does not cause any harm or reaction to the skin at a great level. The atmosphere of the room where the maximum amount of time is spent by the pregnant lady should have a proper moisture content and also, the humidity in that room should be appropriate so as to suit the health and skin of the lady.

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If the skin of the lady is extra dry, then the dead cells must be removed properly and regularly. This job is best done by the use of any mechanical exfoliates.

Just simple caretaking of the skin and health reduces the problem of dry skin during pregnancy to lower levels easily.

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