Dry Skin And Wrinkles

Most of us assume that the occurrence of wrinkles is solely due to dry skin. But this assumption does not hold true in the majority of the cases. Dry skin definitely does not add to our beauty but it tends to make the skin look old. Dry skin robs the natural sheen of the skin by giving it a very dull and aged appearance. To make the skin look younger, one needs to get rid of the dry skin.

Causes of Dry Skin

Dry skin occurs because certain essential elements are missing from the skin. Lack of proper moisturizer or dearth of appropriate exfoliation, are the major reasons because of which we have to deal with the untoward experiences that are brought along with dry skin.

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How to Prevent Dry Skin and wrinkles



Retaining the Moisture Levels of Skin: To achieve the stage where the skin is miles away from dryness, it is necessary to ensure that the skin retains its moisture level throughout the day. Retaining the normal moisture level of the skin will discourage the presence of dryness from the skin and the skin would look much younger.

Maintaining Internal Health: When a person is truly healthy his condition is reflected on his skin. And on the other hand, if a person is unhealthy but has been following all the staple skincare routines of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing, then without a doubt his skin would lackluster.

Drinking Enough Water at Regular Intervals: Drinking several glasses of water is also required as hydrating the skin from the inside is also very important. Water is essential for the sustenance of our being and it is equally important for maintaining the natural glow of the skin.

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According to the doctors, water should be consumed in small proportions. But many of us consume a lot of water at a single stretch just to complete the daily quota of water consumption. But following this path will not do our body any good. The proper way to consume water is to drink a small amount of water after a regular interval of time. Drinking water would give the skin a clear look.

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Exfoliate to Remove External Dead Skin

There are people who complain of dry skin even after consuming the recommended quantity of water and moisturizing their skin regularly. The natural question is that why dry skin should prevail if the skin is properly hydrated? This is because of the accumulation of dead cells on the external layer of the skin. The dead cells make the skin look terribly dry when technically the skin is not all dry as it is properly moisturized and hydrated. So the solution for this problem is to exercise the ritual of skin exfoliation.

Skin Exfoliation to Remove Dead Skin

Skin exfoliation helps to scrub away the dead cells from the skin. Exfoliation not only reduces the facade of dry skin but also helps us in moisturizing the skin as after exfoliation the lotion can reach the deep layers of the skin efficiently. If the condition of dry skin persists for a long period of time and no assistance is provided for it, then wrinkles are the next thing that will adorn your skin. To prevent wrinkles from appearing it is necessary to keep your skin moisturized and keep it away from dryness.

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