Dr. Oz Ultimate Diet Plan

The Dr.Oz Diet is yet another diet plan that has been brought into the spotlight by Oprah Winfrey.

Dr. Mehmet Oz graduated from Harvard University. He studied medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. Currently, he teaches at Columbia University and is also the vice-chairman of surgery of the same. Apart from that, he is also very popular due to his book titled “You” which is a series of books. He also works in collaboration with Dr.Michael Roizen. Dr.Oz and Dr.Roizen not only work on a number of books together but have also made a number of appearances on a number of talk shows including the Oprah Winfrey Show and Good Morning America.

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The main aim of the Dr.Oz diet is to achieve overall health benefits as well as overall well-being. Another objective of the Dr.Oz diet is the prevention of a number of diseases. The Dr.Oz diet focuses mainly on the waist size rather than the digits on the weighing machine. The reason is that the collection of excess fat around the abdomen leads to a number of diseases and medical problems such as severe heart disease, heart attacks as well as diabetes. Ideally, a 30-year-old female must have a waist size of about 32.5 inches and a 30-year-old male must have a waist size of about 35 inches.

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The Dr.Oz Diet puts forth the importance of following a healthy lifestyle and makes sure that the dieters understand the fact that following this diet plan is more of a lifestyle choice and less of a fad or crash diet. The Dr.Oz Diet places emphasis on the importance of adequate nutrition, and physical fitness along with a healthy mind, body, and soul. In comparison to a number of other diets, the Dr.Oz Diet is not formulated with the purpose of allowing you to fit into size zero jeans or to make you look as glamorous as a model but to help you make those choices that in the long run, result in a healthy amount of weight loss.

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The main principles of the Dr.Oz diet include following these objectives:

  • The dieter must measure his/her waist in the beginning, before initiating the Dr. Oz Diet. 
  • While following the Dr.Oz Diet, the dieter must also walk for half an hour, that is, 30 minutes every day without fail.
  • Convincing a friend or family member to embark upon the Dr.Oz diet with you is recommended as it is easier to get through a diet plan when you have someone doing it with you.
  • Throw out all the unhealthy food from your kitchen shelves and replace them with healthier, more nutritious products.
  • The dieter must also cut out 100 calories from his daily diet. This will helps him to lose one pound per month.
  • Counting calories or carbs is not recommended.
  • The dieter is encouraged to eat whenever he is hungry. Starvation will only lead to further health problems and defeat the whole purpose of the Dr.Oz diet.
  • The dieter is also encouraged to reduce the intake of food by using small plates while eating. A plate with a 9-inch diameter must be used instead of 11-inch diameter.
  • While following the Dr.Oz Diet, the dieter is greatly encouraged to consume about nine handfuls of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis so that his body can absorb the required amount of fiber every day. 
  • The dieter must also consume one small handful of nuts every day.
  • Fish must also be consumed by the dieter at least 3 days a week. Salmon, flounder, and mahi-mahi are recommended for this purpose.
  • Products that are rich in saturated fats and Trans fat must be avoided while following the Dr.Oz. Diet.
  • The dieter must keep away from white food. This includes simple sugar and wheat flour. It also includes corn syrup that is high in fructose.
  • While following the Dr.Oz Diet, the dieter is encouraged to drink at least 2 glasses of water before every meal so that he consumes lesser calories from food.
  • Multivitamins that include ingredients such as folate, vitamin D, calcium, magnesium, omega, and fatty acids should be consumed by the dieter on regular basis. This is an essential component of the Dr.Oz diet.

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Even though the prospect of losing one pound a month may not seem tempting, Dr.Oz’s diet has proven the fact that if one follows it, the long-term effects are abundant. The above-mentioned guidelines that form the Dr.Oz diet are neither difficult nor impossible to follow and allow dieters to make a lifestyle change. The main objective of Dr.Oz’s diet is a healthy body, weight loss is considered to be of secondary importance.

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