Does Your Partner Take You For Granted

Every relationship goes through its ups and downs. It’s the same old step all the time. The initial dating phase is always lovey-dovey and cute, with romantic gestures and surprises. But eventually, after some amount of time, the spark finally burns out, so there’s no more zing or excitement in the relationship, at such a stage, a lot of men and women feel that they’re being taken for granted. If you’ve been a part of a long-term relationship, ask yourself; does your partner take you for granted? Surprisingly, most people find their answer as yes. Either they’re being taken for granted or have been in such a situation earlier. A lot of people fail to realize that if your relationship is going on the right path, then why does your partner take you for granted. Read on to find out how to identify whether your partner takes you for granted and if yes then what can you do about it.

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A lot of times, most people don’t realize that they’re taking their spouse for granted! It just that over a period of time, along with trust and understanding, you reach a level of communication wherein you don’t need to keep asking for small things, as a result, you end up assuming stuff and over a period of months or years, you may realize that you’ve been taking your better half for granted!

So once your relationship is through with the initial phase, and you feel that your partner is taking you for granted, voice your views. As mentioned before, he or she may not be realizing what they’re doing, so gently approach the topic and talk out a solution. Don’t start with a taunt or a rude comment, that’ll just make him or her completely defensive; as a result they’re not going to try and understand what your saying, so be careful when you bring out the topic.


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This is one of the basic problems with all relationships, let me give you an example; a friend of mine has been dating her current boyfriend for 5 years now. Last valentine’s day, my boyfriend sent me a huge bouquet of roses. That’s when she felt bad because she never got any flowers from her boyfriend. And that’s when she started feeling that she was being taken for granted all the time. Eventually, when she confronted him with the problem, guess what? It turns out that he never bought her flowers any valentine’s day! He thought that celebrating the day was enough, but didn’t see a point in wasting money on flowers. And because she was happy and never said anything, he figured she didn’t mind that either! So how should he have known that she was expecting flowers this year!

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So sometimes, the problem is as stupid as that! Always remember to check that what you’re asking for should be rational. Don’t expect him or her to do something they’ve never done ever since you guys started dating! But if there’s something that you’ve been thinking about, something that you really think he or she should do, you must talk it out with your partner. After all, he or she won’t dream that you want a particular thing done!


A lot of times, women devote all their free time and energy to their boyfriends. This can be very romantic initially, but eventually, both of you will need your space. So it’s best to devote some “together” time with each other and allot some “friends” time, wherein you can hang out with your friends and have fun. Hovering over him or her all the time can act as a strong repelling factor in the relationship. As a result, none of your extra caring behavior is “romantic” anymore! It’s just how you spend all your time. So your partner will end up treating you indifferently; and once you feel that the same love and affection is not reciprocated, the “being taken for granted” feeling isn’t far away!

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