Does Your Child Need Counselling

Every person is different in this world and so is every kid. Therefore, most of the parents think only their kid is shy, bully, indifferent, etc. But they should understand their kids. Some parents check their young ones very frequently which makes the kids introvert sometimes. Then the question arises does your child need counseling.

Child Counselling

It is a general misconception that only adults may need counseling. Thus, whenever any parent hears the words does your child need counseling the parent starts panicking. It is your duty to make sure that your child is not surrounded by bad company, no adverse effect of family cruel is hitting him. Is your child happy in school, whether he/she feels lonely or needs your support anytime? When the parents start searching for answers to these questions they are automatically taking care of their young ones. Most parents find it difficult to deal with their teenage kids. Thus, the following are some ways which can help you to deal with your kids, so that you do not nod “yes” to the question does your child need counseling:

Your child needs you– Engage in small talk with your kids to know their reaction towards something. Kids of the age- group 4-8 needs proper discipline. Their elder counterparts might just need a discussion to understand that they are on the wrong path. An elementary school-going child may give you sleepless nights if you are not friendly with him/her. It is recommended that you talk to him/her in person at least 20 minutes a day in order to understand them better. Do not be upset if your teen is behaving rudely or not answering your call. The key to the child’s heart is patience. It is very important to know that you should not scold your teenaged child every now and then; this can only make the conditions worse. Teenaged kids and politeness go hand in hand. You cannot handle a teenaged child by talking rudely to him/her.


Be specific- It is necessary that you make different rules according to your child’s age. For e.g. a 10 yr. old should not be allowed late-night parties but the same cannot be said for a 16 yr. old. It should be noted that a child needs to be responsible, and it is best for him/her to learn this golden rule in the early stages of his life. Parents who recently got divorced lost someone or experienced something miserable in life, go out of track for a while. But they need to be strong and regain confidence in order to teach proper ethics to their child. It is true if parents leave the stage to teach discipline to their child, they need counselors. Then the question does your child need counseling seems like a taunt to them.

When therapists are dealing with kids, parents do play a vital role. Therapists need at least one parent to be there with the kid most of the time. Nowadays parents are so busy in their monotonous lives that they completely give away the responsibility to the hired nanny, this makes the situation even worse. They miss the opportunity to listen to their child’s worries. Therapists last for a few sessions but parents are there for the rest of the life. Therefore, counseling can always help them to understand their kids better.

If you are dodged by the question does your child needs counseling then you can rely on the following ways to seek help for yourself? These symptoms can help you to know if your child needs counseling or not.

  • If your child is not indulging in any activity or looking sad. Television, games, and outings nothing interests him
  • When you feel the child is being nostalgic every now and then
  • Your kid wants to be alone
  • Concentrating is a problem for the kid
  • Eating less or more, cannot sleep, frequent mood swings etc.
  • An older child wetting bed, licking walls
  • Throwing tantrums anytime, anywhere
  • Kids smoking or drinking alcohol

It is recommended that you keep the above symptoms in mind so that you can answer the question- does your child need counseling.

Hence, the above-mentioned ways can help you to deal with your child. It is important to know your child so that you don’t end up taking a therapist’s appointment and you can proudly nod “no” to the question does your child needs counseling.

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