Does Green Tea Help In Fat Loss

With the emerging concept of size zero, everyone is getting conscious about their figure and size. People are looking for new tips and tricks to cut the flab and burn calories. There are too many diets and supplements available on the market which add only to the dilemma. Many dieticians believe that green tea helps in weight loss. Green tea has wonderful health benefits along with fat loss. You may still wonder how green tea helps in fat loss?. To answer your question Does green tea help in fat loss; let me tell you some unique properties of green tea.

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Research shows that green tea has the unique property of enhancing the metabolic rate that helps indirectly burn calories in the body. In the fast-paced world, we hardly work out to burn our calories which otherwise turns into those extra pounds which we always want to get rid of. Boosting the metabolic rate is very essential to break down the food molecules and cause proper digestion. If you still dodged the question, Does green tea help in fat loss, then believe me it does. It does not only affect humans but also animals. According to recent studies, it has been proved that green tea increases the metabolic rate by 4% which has a great effect on losing weight.

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Herbal Green Tea Leaf

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Does green tea help in fat loss, if yes, then how does it work and what components do they contain? There are various components in green tea and each of them works together to help in losing weight. Three components of green tea that have a great effect on weight loss are


Green tea contains some amount of caffeine but it is quite less than the amount present in Black Tea or Coffee. The caffeine contained in green tea doesn’t increase the heart rate but only increases the metabolic rate. It is unlike those caffeine contained products that tend to increase the heart rate and causes side effects. Caffeine generates Thermogenesis, a fat-burning phenomenon. Studies show that caffeine helps in weight loss. It has been proved that people consuming low-calorie food along with caffeine tend to lose weight more effectively than those who do not consume caffeine. Thus, Does green tea help in fat loss, yes it does.


The antioxidants present in green tea are called catechins. Catechins are even contained in black tea and cocoa however, green tea is considered a better source of catechins as they contain catechins in natural form while catechins in black tea lose their anti-oxidant properties when fermented. Catechins along with weight loss also help in avoiding various diseases like heart diseases and cancer. Catechins inhibit the absorption of fat (lipids) from the food thereby aiding in weight loss. Antioxidants fight with the free radicals generated in our body as the by-product of the process of digestion. Free radicals are molecules of oxygen that combine with DNA and cause damage. Antioxidants provide immunity to several diseases. It not only reduces the cholesterol level in the body but also helps in accumulating fat in various parts of the body. Does green tea help in fat loss, yes it does, read further to know its properties.

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Green tea contains amino acids called Theanine. Theanine plays a major role in losing weight. It helps in the secretion of Dopamine, a chemical that is secreted by the brain and gives a feeling of a full stomach thereby decreasing the appetite. The effect of caffeine is reduced by the presence of theanine and thus it causes no side effects. Theanine together with Catechins and Caffeine does wonder to the body. How does green tea help in fat loss- It does with the combined effect of theanine, caffeine, and catechins.

Green tea is the right choice for those who not only want to lose weight but also to lead a healthy life. I hope you must have got an answer to your question, Does green tea help in fat loss. If you are still not convinced by how green tea helps in fat loss, read the other beneficial properties of green tea to give you a better understanding. Have your cup of green tea today and join the race of size-conscious people.

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