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Does Green Tea Help in Boosting Metabolism

With the increase in the number of people being a victim of obesity, many dieticians and nutritionists advise adding such food substances that increase the metabolism of a person to their daily diet. There are too many supplements available in the market that claim to increase metabolism. However, these supplements have side effects on the body and hence it is not advisable for consumption. While on the other hand, natural substances are the best to increase metabolism. Among natural substances- green tea is one of them. You may ask does green tea help boost metabolism, yes it does, to know how green tea help boosts metabolism read further. Green tea has unique properties due to which there are wonderful health benefits. Green tea is a house of anti-oxidants and helps in burning fat.

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Before I answer your question, Does green tea help boost metabolism, let us know about the major components of green tea. Researches show that green tea has three major components together which act on the body and produce significant results. The first component is caffeine. You may argue how green tea boost metabolism when caffeine has a negative effect on the body. Caffeine is generally regarded to cause heart disease and other such problems. The caffeine content in green tea is very less compared to black coffee and tea. Generally, caffeine when present in large quantities increases the heart rate and causes several other side effects, whereas, in green tea, the caffeine content is very less. Caffeine in green tea causes thermogenesis, which boosts metabolism and causes the burning of calories.

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Green tea boost metabolism through its component catechin. Catechins are antioxidants present in green tea. Our body constantly produces free radicals that combine with the DNA and damage them. It is important to get rid of these free radicals, this is where the anti-oxidants come into the scene. Anti-oxidants help in flushing the free radicals from the body. These free radicals can cause several diseases like heart-related diseases and cancer. Catechins avoid absorption of lipids (fat) thus it also helps in weight loss. Thus, green tea helps in weight loss. The third component is Theanine. Theanine helps in controlling the concentration of caffeine in the coffee. Moreover, theanine secrets a chemical called Dopamine that gives a feeling of well-being. The three components caffeine, catechins, and theanine together work and this is how green tea help boost metabolism.

According to the studies done, it is proved that green tea help boosts metabolism. The boost in the metabolism helps in breaking up the food molecules and thereby helps in losing weight. It has been studied that green tea almost increases metabolism by 4%. Four percent of the increase in metabolism makes a great difference to the body and thus helps in burning fat. Research also shows that green tea has the unique property of enhancing the metabolic rate that helps indirectly burn calories in the body. In the fast-paced world, we hardly work out to burn our calories which otherwise turn into those extra pounds which we always want to get rid of. Boosting the metabolic rate is very essential to break down the food molecules and cause proper digestion. If you are still dogged by the question, Does green tea help boost up metabolism, then believe me it does. It does not only affect humans but also animals. According to recent studies, it has been proved that green tea increases the metabolic rate by 4% which has a great effect on losing weight.

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As green tea contains tannic acid, it helps in increasing metabolism as well as burning fat. So, if you think that green tea help boost metabolism, yes it does, and it has been even proved by certain studies and research. If you want to boost up your metabolism and burn fat, drink green tea. Green tea has also innumerable health benefits and thus it is good for health. I hope I have answered your question – Does green tea help boost metabolism?

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