Do You Wake Up Tired In The Morning

A morning is a very crucial time of the day for everyone. Your day depends on how you are feeling when you wake up in the morning.

If you are waking up all tired and drowsy in the morning it means that your body needs immediate attention. If you are tired early in the morning it could result in a bad mood throughout the day. It is never a healthy sign if the person is all tired early up as after a good sleep the body must be refreshed and pumped up with energy, however, if you are finding it difficult to wake up to a fresh start every morning it could be due to any of the following reasons.

Poor sleep:

An average man needs a minimum of 6 to 8 hrs of sleep every day and if the body is not able to get this amount of minimum rest that is required then you are bound to feel tired in the morning. If you are sleeping properly for around 8 hrs every day and still waking up tired in the morning it could be a little more serious and this could be due to a physical disorder or also due to many other factors which may be related to your day to day activity. It could also be due to you not getting a proper environment to sleep like a noisy surrounding or personal stress could also be a cause for not getting proper sleep and eventually waking up tired in the morning. Tiredness in the morning could turn out to be a major problem for you and to get over it one of the first things to be done is getting a night of proper sleep.


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When you get off a deep sleep:

It is said that ones you are in the middle of your sleep, that is the worst time to wake up as it is something you are doing against the sleep cycle and the body will never be ready for it, thus it will cause problems and side effects and also lead to waking up tired from the sleep in the morning.

Stress and worry:

If a person has stress or worries of any kind it is bound to affect sleep and in some situations, the stress is so bad that it eventually leads to sleeping disorders or improper sleeping patterns. Doctors have said that people dealing with stressful situations are more likely to have improper sleep and thus waking up tired in the morning. Also, overweight people have a lot of trouble waking up fresh and active in the morning and the same is the case with pregnant women.

Your waking up tired in the morning could also be triggered due to the financial problems that are bothering you and eating up your sleep.

Another reason for having improper sleep could be changed sleeping time especially for people working in shifts like nurses, doctors, etc.

It is always advisable to have a good sleeping pattern and fixed timings for sleeping and waking up.

Waking tired solution:

If one is facing a sleeping disorder and feeling fatigued after waking up in the morning, it is highly advisable to consider some lifestyle changes and getting yourself checked by a physician for sleeping disorders. Waking up fresh in the morning can affect our lifestyle in more than one way and so if a person is waking up tired in the morning the problem should be left unnoticed and the matter should be looked into immediately.

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Another way of rectifying this problem is following a disciplined routine which includes the following

  • You should go to bed and wake up every day at a fixed time.
  •  Avoid taking small naps throughout the day and only sleep at a fixed time during the night.
  • The sleeping atmosphere should be suitable and comfortable like a good bed and dark and quiet surroundings.
  • You must always stay away from caffeinated drinks like coffees or any other drinks which result in loss of sleep at all costs. Also, you must stop indulging in toxic stuff like smoking and drinking.

These are a few steps that you could take to get your sleep back and not getting up all tired and weary every morning. But it is always advisable to consult a physician if the problem is persisting.

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