Do Indian women wearing short clothes arouse men? 

A common myth or a misconception seen in the case of women or teenagers is that if they wear short clothes, they are judged to be arousing men. Even though technology and the world as advanced to such an extent, we see that people have failed to evolve their mindsets and are very narrow-minded when it comes to such topics. In various surveys conducted in India, it was reported that most of the people felt that women who prefer wearing short clothes are more likely to arouse men as well as increase the chances of them being sexually assaulted.

In this article, we shall cover all the important points if women should wear short clothes or not and if their attire is the root cause of arousing men in India.


Indian Religious Beliefs and History

In a country like India where people follow numerous customs, which come along with different beliefs. Religion-wise too these beliefs vary. But in India, all the religions will have this one idea common about women they should always wear clothes that fully cover their body. This belief has been running for generations and even today is still followed. Back in those days the situations were even worse for women wear in they even had to cover their head with a part of their clothing often termed as ‘ghoongat’. Also, they weren’t allowed to come out of their rooms if they had any male guests coming in.

There were times wherein women had their freedom caged among the four walls of their houses and they could rarely be able to see the world beyond. Their only job was to look after their children and to run the house. Even after performing vigorous tasks all day, they could never get the freedom to be and to live the way they wished for. For them, at that time it was just the traditional clothing that they had to wear with no evidence of any modernization. 

Present Situation of Women in India

But today we see that with the country’s development and changing situations, women are coming out of their shells and trying to live a happy life. Leaving all the customs and traditions behind they are seeking a life beyond the world inside their homes. They are making our country proud by not just doing chores at home but going out there and being at par with men in various domains in the field of occupation. Women of today are nowhere close to those that lived a couple of years ago. 

With this drastic change in women’s lifestyle and mindset, we also witness a sense of modernization in terms of the clothes people wear nowadays. May it be men or women modern lifestyle has definitely influenced us in every possible way. Having said that, it also reflects on the clothes we wear. You don’t any longer see most women wearing traditional full-length clothes except for any occasion. 


Women and Their Right To Live Life Freely

With a variety of different and beautiful clothes coming in the market, women who are crazy for shopping try out various types may they be long or short. We often like to follow the trends that are going on currently and those fashion lovers definitely would have a taste for short dresses. 

As you’ll know everyone has the right to live how they want as well as to wear what they want. Such things are a kind of fundamental freedom that everyone should have no matter to which gender you belong to.  You can wear whatever you feel like wearing which you feel is appropriate for any particular occasion. Now, this statement is not only true for men but should also be strongly implemented when talking about women. When we talk about things like with what attention women wear short dresses, we should ask ourselves why not. It is definitely not a crime to wear what you want and there are absolutely no restrictions on it. Everyone’s choice is different and we should have the courtesy to respect that and move forward rather than bringing up such issues.

Women Rapes and Mindset of Men

Though it is purely fine to wear whatever you like but again in a country like India where the rate of sexual assaults, molestation, and rapes are touching the sky, this topic tends to be slightly on the critical side. Even though women are not to be blamed for any of these things since most of the time they are the victims of this yet they end up suffering and being tormented for the rest of their lives. 

It is very simple logic that instead of telling women to change the type of clothes they wear; it is important that we as responsible and most importantly sensible citizens of our country change our mindsets. That’s where the actual problem lies. One could also say that it is the reason why our country is still behind in terms of freedom. Though we gained independence long back, the women of our country face situations like these in their day-to-day life. 


Some Final Verdict

Wearing short clothes is not at all wrong owing to the fact that we all are modernizing and adapting to western culture in India. However, the mindset of the people is still traditional and backward. If men can wear small clothes and women don’t get aroused the same should be the case with men. The real culprit for rapes is not short clothes as men even rape women who are covered in full-length clothes.

It’s a shame that even after all this we blame them and not the actual culprits. People need to understand that just because of the cruel nature of some men, we cannot hinder the freedom of women in our country. They are not the ones who are supposed to adjust but we need to bring in a revolution in our mindsets. Only then it is possible that things like assaults and rape cases would finally come to an end. 

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