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Diet VS Exercise A Debate For Weight Loss

When it comes to choosing a healthy life, people often get confused about what to choose “diet or exercise”? There has been a lot of debate over both. However, both diet and exercise have importance in life. A well-balanced diet helps to make our body system work effectively whereas exercise helps our body to revitalize. When asked to two different groups of people one that supports diet and the other that supports exercise, these were the outcomes:

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People that prefer diet over exercise

According to them a well-balanced diet, with lots of nutrition can help you to remain healthy and that’s true. Do many people think if we eat less we weigh less but is this right or wrong? You will be confused and this confusion is because of the die industry, according to, which rigorous dieting can help people to lose weight and be healthy. However, the main point is, are they getting enough nutrition while dieting? There are people who spend a lot of money just to diet but are left without results mainly because these diets are short in nutritional value.

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It is true, that dieting will help to lose weight, but it’s a temporary solution as when one changes his/her eating habit, there is a temporary loss of weight. However, a better approach will get to know how to eat properly, what to eat and what to avoid. Basically, it says to improve your daily eating habit to remain healthy.

There is one benefit of choosing a diet plan, when you are under a diet plan you don’t hang out at the fast food centers and accumulate those extra calories. Basically, you will need less exercise, if you avoid high-calorie food. So in a way, it is good as you don’t go for the wrong kind of food.

The most important thing to remember is the nutritional value of the food you are taking. If a diet plan doesn’t fulfill your daily nutrition requirements like vitamins and minerals it’s not worth taking.

People that prefer exercise over diet

Exercise is a way that helps you to be healthy, feel young, perform well, and have a tremendous positive impact on all aspects of life. However, if you are going for exercise, you need to have some extra energy that is to be set aside.

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In case you think that you work long hours and get less amount of sleep to make sure that you run every day, it will not have a positive impact on your health. This is because, if you don’t sleep properly you are not able to gather your energy to its fullest and this leads to half use of your potential energy. This will show in your health as well as your work.

Basically, exercise needs some self-discipline, without which it’s not worth it. One needs self-education and prioritizing to get the full benefit of exercising. For this, you need to make a proper schedule that will make you use your time in a positive direction.

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Exercising is good, but when it comes to something rigorous like gym, its overdose can hamper your health and it can even make you sick.

Final verdict

According to me, when it comes to diet Vs exercise, the best approach would be to make use of the best of both worlds. Have a well-balanced diet along with some exercise and you will be healthy.

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