Diet To Increase Height In Children

While it is common knowledge that a good diet helps to achieve optimum health, it is also true that diet aids in increasing the height of a person in the growing years. This is because a well-balanced diet offers the basis required for the body to function at an optimum level. This optimal functioning will help a person reach the maximum height possible. A person’s height is governed by bone and muscle growth and a well-balanced diet that has proteins and calcium is essential. Growth is further aided by the intake of various vitamins and minerals that are found in a wide variety of foods.

For achieving a good height, the metabolic activity of the body must be good. For maintaining optimal metabolic activity, a person should not skip meals. He/She should make three meals a habit and must not deviate from it. It is only when you consume food at regular intervals that your body will be able to maintain its metabolism. If you skip one meal or the other regularly, especially if you are the type of person who sacrifices eating breakfast owing to lack of time, you can be sure that your metabolic rate is lesser than others of your age group who do not skip breakfasts often.


Anyway, this does not mean that you should eat between meals. On the other hand, you must not eat between the three meals as you will end up becoming overweight or obese. This excess fat that is accumulated at various parts of the body would burden the bones as the bones have to support the weight during movement of the body. If you lead a busy and active life, you can eat a healthy snack when you feel hungry or drained of energy. This will supply energy to your body without making it fat.

The diet that you follow daily must be planned after taking into consideration various factors like the average number of calories you will need, your age, your height, and your weight. You can eat whatever healthy food you like provided it supplies less or equal calories that you need. As some people need more calories per day owing to their stature and the nature of work they are involved in, their diet plan will be quite different from the others who are shorter and do not strain themselves much. As a general rule, men need more calories compared to women as their physical build is larger than women.

You should not consider your diet plan a hassle as the efforts that you put into watching what you eat will ultimately promote excellent health. You will not only be taller but also fit and so you do not have to spend time in bed by falling sick. A dietician will talk to you and by noting your diet preferences, will be able to offer a diet plan that does not deviate much from what you normally eat. This is quite important for your height and health.

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