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Diet Plan For Body Builders

Your body-building diet should help you to build muscles.  High protein foods and carbohydrates are ideal to be included in the diet for building healthy muscles. The diet should contain less fat.  It is therefore advisable for bodybuilders to have a specific diet plan depending on their unique needs.  You can ideally have a diet chart and track your progress or make changes if necessary depending on the results you get. Diet plans and workouts are essential parts of your body-building program.

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Typical Diet plan and exercise routine for bodybuilders

For example, a typical bodybuilder’s day begins with about 45 minutes of cardio workout. The breakfast can consist of oatmeal accompanied by an egg-white omelet plus whey protein. After a gap of three hours, your lunch will include a chicken breast with flax oil. Egg white, fruit juices, and why protein can be taken again twice during the day to support maximum workouts in the gym. Take a meal every two hours thrice after that with complex carbohydrates and lean proteins.

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Caution For Body Builders

While bodybuilders need to have a diet with lots of calories and eat many times a day, you should be careful to track your calorie consumption.  Overconsumption of calories with sugars will bring adverse results such as an unnecessary build-up of body fat.  You can build healthy muscles with foods that are simple and common.

General principles in following a bodybuilding diet plan

Beginners should remember that you should not make drastic changes in your diet. You must try to make changes to your diet plan and calories over a period of time. For example, you can add 100 calories every 3-5 days till you reach the desired level of calories. After that, you should keep track of your weight and body fat percentage. You can know how much you have benefited from the diet changes.

The diet for bodybuilders should consist of more complex carbohydrates, protein, fiber, and less fat.  Before embarking on a diet change consult an expert and be sure that you are following a diet plan specific to your needs as everyone does not have the same physique.

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Diet plans for bodybuilders are different for males and females.  The diet plans must be followed in keeping the number of hours you spend in the gym working out and the time of the day.

Drink at least 10 cups of water every day and increase it during summer.  Water is very important as it forms 70% of the muscle content.  Another reason is water helps flush out toxins from the body and good blood circulation for overall good health.  It prevents dehydration due to exertion during summer as the body loses a considerable amount of water through perspiration. By drinking plenty of water you can ensure good fat metabolism and avoid fluid retention.

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