Diet For Extreme Weight loss

Every medical practitioner worth his salt always stresses the need to lose weight in a gradual, phased manner. It is common knowledge that losing weight drastically or instantly is a sign of impending severe health problems.

With crash diets, the body is deprived of the calories it would get from daily intake of food and virtually feeds on itself.  The body feeds on stored fats to meet energy requirements and there is a marked loss of weight and girth in a short span of time. However, crash diets deprive the body of essential nutrients to keep the body healthy and repair and renew it. More often than not, people going on crash diets report loss of weight and other health problems like hair fall, sallow skin, and diminished energy levels.

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GM Diet For extreme Weight loss

There are many diet plans available for extreme weight loss, but none are as famous as the General Motors diet. The diet was originally formulated as a part of the wellness plan for General Motors employees but has gained popularity the world over. The GM plan aims at a weight loss of 10-18 pounds a week. The foods ate burn more calories than they add. The diet is scientifically formulated to meet the body’s minimum requirements of nutrients and is zero fat-based.

The plan aims at varying tastes and textures of the foods consumed over the 7 days and aims at flushing out all the accumulated toxins in the body. Alcohol in any form should not be consumed during the seven days of the diet.  A minimum of 10 glasses of water is also part of this diet plan. Due to the excessive restrictions on food intake, the GM diet is not good for the long term as it can deprive the body of many essential nutrients.

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Diet Plan For 7 Days

Diet for Day 1: Unlimited quantities of any fruit except bananas. Fluid-rich foods like watermelons and cantaloupe are recommended for optimal weight loss.

Diet for Day 2: All vegetables raw or cooked form in unlimited quantities. A large baked potato with a pat of butter can be eaten at breakfast.

Diet for Day 3: Unlimited quantities of fruits and vegetables with the exception of bananas and potatoes.

Diet for Day 4: 8 bananas and 3 glasses of milk. 3-4 glasses of the special GM soup can also be taken.

Diet for Day 5: 20 ounces of lean beef or 3 bowls of lima beans with 6 tomatoes.  11-12 glasses of water should be drunk.

Diet for Day 6: Unlimited amounts of lean beef or beans and vegetables.

Diet for Day 7: Brown rice, vegetables, and lean beef.

Recipe for GM soup

Follow the simple procedure of soup preparation with 28 ounces of water, 6 large onions, 2 green peppers, 1 medium cabbage,1 bunch of celery, 4 packets of soup packets, and flavorings.

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