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Diet For Asthma Patients

Diseases and sickness tend to deplete humans. Diet can do a great deal in recovering and maintaining good health. It is no different with asthma. Medications need resources of the body to fight off inflammation and an asthma patient should always consider what he is eating in order to avoid other conditions that can cause complications.

Before planning on taking a diet, asthma patients have to keep their age in mind. The diet has to be as simple and light as possible. Heavy meals cannot be eaten as they can stress the metabolism of the body. Dinner has to be light but it should satisfy hunger. If the food is too heavy then it can lead to congestion in the chest and trigger an asthma attack. If the consumed food does not satisfy hunger then it can lead to acidity which can again trigger an attack.

A patient with asthma has to be constantly mindful of allergies and foods that can cause them as well. Allergies are causes that mostly trigger off an asthma attack. They have to be prevented in all forms. Food allergies are one of the biggest problems that an asthma patient has to be constantly mindful of. And for any disease good and healthy eating is the right way. Some people may not know they are susceptible to some vegetables. So it is always better to get an allergy test done when asthma is detected. This will help decide the diet as well.


When it comes to choosing what kind of food an asthma patient should have then most specialists tend to suggest vegetarian food rich in nutrients. A Nonvegetarian diet contains a lot of protein and proteins are one of the important allergy-causing elements. Careful consideration and understanding of the allergies present can lead to knowledge of a wide variety of diets.

A series of light meals at regular intervals is better than one heavy meal. A lot of food in the esophagus can set off a fit of coughing. Dinner should be had a good while before medication to avoid undesired effects some medications can have. Corticosteroids can lead to a sense of nausea when taken on an empty stomach. Lack of enough food can also weaken the body and for diabetics, this can result in a change in sugar levels which can affect asthma medication.

Asthma patients are susceptible to spices as they have sharp tastes. They can lead to allergy instantly. Spices that do not cause allergy should be taken in relatively lesser quantities. But many spices are deemed to be good for asthma patients. These have to be consumed in the right form to benefit from it.

Diet for children should be able to accommodate their hyper activism. Since they burn off food faster than adults their food should have carbohydrates and proteins and less fat. Their fat requirement should be judged correctly and the requirement should be met to keep the child healthy. The food should also help facilitate healthy growth.


Since children tend to be troublesome about eating food, they have to be made to eat on time. An asthmatic child needs all the nutrients if he has to feel and live a normal life. Children should not be fed the same thing every day as healthy food can be disliked if it becomes regular. But then you shouldn’t give in to their needs for food which can cause allergy or which you are not sure of.

Some children are also allergic to milk and milk products. If that is the case then substitutes that provide a lot of calcium should be given. Also, other milk alternatives should be tried.

Since diet requirements depend on age and calorie requirements, the aged should be very careful about what they eat since an asthma attack can affect them a lot. And since they usually have multiple conditions, they have to eat in accordance with all medication.

All asthma patients are advised to take to vitamin and mineral supplements. The fat intake shouldn’t be high because it can lead to problems involving blood and the heart. Asthma medication and its effect on medication for other problems should be understood and your physician should be updated on your status regularly.

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