Dental Care during pregnancy

Dental Care during pregnancy

Have you gone through the dental check-up during pregnancy? Do you know the dental situation during pregnancy? Did you know that how many infections can damage your teeth as well as your baby in the womb? We assure that you don’t know and this is the reason that you have not gone for dental appointments.

Today we will let you know about so many infections and other major problems that can harm your pregnancy due to the tooth disease. We assure that after knowing about the harmful dental infection during pregnancy, you will surely fix an appointment to meet the dentist for your and baby’s safety. Check out:

Why dentist appointments are important for preggies?

The dental care of teeth and gums is very important while you are pregnant as because due to hormonal changes, pregnant women are more at risk of having the gum disease which can later also affect the growth of your baby in the womb.

It is said by the doctors that if there are any type of gum infection occurs to pregnant women then it may high the risk of premature delivery or the baby born with low birth weight.

Meet the doctor before conceiving!

You can make an appointment before your pregnancy when you are planning to conceive. The pretreatment of teeth before pregnancy will be beneficial as doctors will clean your teeth and gum tissues and also give the oral treatment to your teeth if it is needed. The dentist treatment before pregnancy will make you free during your lazy pregnancy days.

How dentist take care of teeth?

The work of the dentist is different from other doctors. There are certain things which you have to tell your dentist so that he can treat you according to your body. Let inform the doctor about:

  • You are pregnant. Inform the dentist about the month of your pregnancy.
  • Tell your doctor what medicines you are taking.
  • Make sure about the medicines which the doctor has given you is safe for your health or not.
  • Inform the dentist, if your obstetrician has given any special precautions for your pregnancy.
  • After knowing about your all medical and health situation the dentist will work according to his own way in such a manner, which will not harm you.

The dentist treatments are:

  • The dentist will start the treatment according to your prenatal medicines so that the combination of both the medicines should not harm the baby.
  • Dentist will provide the medicinal toothpaste which will help in curing the teeth from germs and decay.
  • If X-rays are needed then only your dentist will do it. It was the old saying that the x-rays will harm the bat with its radiation. The tooth X-rays are less harmful because doctors know what treatment you needed being pregnant.
  • The dental check-up is not the treatment of one day. Several appointments are needed to come up from tooth infections. So, whenever the dentist calls you, go on that day and don’t skip the check updates.
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What type of disease can harm the teeth during pregnancy?

The Periodontal disease is the type of infection on the mouth which is caused by bacteria which is developed by the intake of sugar. During pregnancy due to hormonal changes, the preggies were risk high of having the periodontal disease which includes the gum swelling and bleeding, tooth decay and even the tooth loss. If this is not be treated then it may spread from the gums to the bones that support the teeth and to other parts of the mouth.

Why pregnant women have a high risk of having periodontal disease?

Because the women are pregnant, she has to suffer from many pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness, nausea, etc. During these situations, they can have tooth infection such as periodontal disease because:

  1. Due to the fluctuation of hormonal level in the body, it allows the bacteria to grow in the mouth and gums easily. This is why tooth periodontal disease is common.
  2. Another thing which makes it common in preggies is their morning sickness, nausea, and vomiting in the first trimester. The stomach acids from vomiting can also breakdown the enamel coating of the teeth.

The pregnancy tumor is another risk which can affect pregnant women during the second trimester. This is actually not considered as cancer, but rather than that it is a swelling which occurs between the teeth. Due to this tumor, the preggies have to suffer from tooth or gums bleeding, and you will notice red, raw-looking raspberry-like appearance on your gums. However, this will disappear after your delivery but still, you should take care of your regular dental checkups.

Precautions to take care of dental during pregnancy

There are some of the precautions and healthy guidelines which will help the pregnant ladies to prevent the tooth from decaying. Check out:

  • Sometimes the morning sickness let the preggies from not brushing the teeth. You can ask your doctor for some good taste toothpaste which will give you the soothing taste and refresh your mood too.
  • If you are suffering from vomiting then wash your mouth with water nicely and in a hygiene manner so that the bacteria does not grow in the mouth.
  • However, this is not possible to stop the cravings but it is better if you don’t eat too many sugary snacks to prevent the tooth decay.
  • Choose the option of healthy diets so that you can get many health benefits as well as it protects the tooth decay.
  • The baby in the womb starts to develop the teeth from the third month of pregnancy. Intake of healthy dairy products like cheese, yogurt, milk is some of the good sources of minerals which helps in the better development of teeth, gums, and bones.


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