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Daughter’s first periods: Get ready to help her

Puberty is not as easy to accept for the girls and the most exceptional thing in the teenage girl’s life is her first periods. When girls are unaware of the periods and suddenly face the bleeding in the pants they can get nervous and scare from the situation. This is true that the menstruation is the process of the reproductive system in the females and it is very compulsory also but on the other hand the first periods is a very weird and awkward time in all the girl’s life.

It is very important for the parents to take care of their little princess during their first periods and also prepare her for the situation by giving all the major information about the menstruation cycle.

The right time to talk with your daughter

Mostly the girls get their periods after the age of 12 but now with changing lifestyle and imbalance of hormones due to junk and oily foods the girls can get their periods at 8-9 years of age. We cannot determine the exact age that when they will start bleed for the first time so the best time to talk with your daughter about the periods is when they enter at their 8 years of age. Talk to them in such a way which sounds that the periods are natural in all the females and she is not the only one who has to face it. Sometimes the way of explaining also make them feel scary and becomes horrible to handle the situation.

Tips to talk with your daughter

As we have discussed above that how the way of talking can affect the girl’s feelings. So, it is very important to talk in such a way which can make your daughter understand that the menstruation is very natural. As per my personal experience and discussion with many of my friends I have marked some of the basic tips which will surely help you to understand How to talk with your daughter about her first periods. Have a look:

Educate and Discuss periods

It is very obvious that when you are going to talk with your daughter about her first periods, she is going to like you a number of questions. So, don’t hesitate to answer her any query. It is very important to give her the correct information because if she will search the answers to her queries then she might get the wrong information. So, make a discussion of hours to clear her all doubts.

You can take help from many other resources and ask her to follow their guidelines at the time of their first periods. Some of the basic sources of information are:

Schools: As we all know that now the schools are also running many awareness classes about health, sex, good and bad touch, and many other issues. So, now it became very easy to make your daughter understand about the periods. School is the best source where she can get much information about the periods.

Books: You can gift your daughter a book which has all the information about menstruation and girls first periods.

Doctors: If you are hesitating then a doctor is the best option to prepare your daughter for her first periods.

Online: You can take help from online or can watch many YouTube videos to know how to talk with your daughter about menstruation cycle. The other option you can do is to watch the videos together with your daughter and clear her doubts.

Never misguide: Always prepare for the most awkward questions from your princess side but never answer her wrong. A single wrong thing can misguide her in many ways. If you don’t know the answer or you are not ready to give her the answer at the moment then tell her that you will find the answer and they will tell her.

Handling the periods

This is very simple to tell your daughter about their upcoming first periods. But on the other hand, this is very hard to accept the menstruation days by your daughters. So, after letting them give information about the bleeding process also help them in handling the first-period cycle of their life. During that time, the girls really need support to be comfortable. So, don’t just tell her about first periods but also let her make understand how to handle those days.

  • The very first thing to tell them is about the sanitary napkins. Guide them how to use it and the correct way to attach in the panties. Tell them the right procedure of disposing of it. Select the right panty for them which stay comfy at the time of using sanitary pads.
  • Tampons are also another way to avoid blood stains on panties. But this is not good for the first time because that will make your daughter more uncomfortable. However, tampons are good but introduce it to your daughter after some months. tell her the process of using it and the timing to change it.
  • There is some other menstruation sanitation like menstruation cup and sponge which can also be used. But as like tampons, don’t introduce these all at her first periods.


Tell your daughter to stay clean and hygiene during her periods. Tell her to take a shower with warm water twice a day during periods. Bathing not only helps to stay clan but it also helps to relieve the cramps and pains.

Period tracker

Tell your daughter how to track the periods so that she can remember the dates of periods and prepare her accordingly. Talk to your princess and tell her that the menstrual cycle starts from day 1 of one period and lasts at day 1 of the next period. Normally the cycle is of 28 days. There are many online trackers which will help her to remember the date of periods.

Eat healthily

Tell your daughter to eat a healthy meal during her periods which will help in keeping her refreshing. Junk food and oily meals are sometimes resulting in heart burning and acidity.

Advance period Kit

When you realize that soon your daughter is going to start her periods, prepare a menstruation sanitary kit which will be very helpful for her if you are not at home. She will get all the needy things in one place. It will also help in avoiding her confusion and nervousness.

The things you can add in the kits are sanitary napkins, wipes, comfortable underwear. Also, put a letter in it in which write down some supporting lines which will give her the strength to accept her first periods.

Help from adults

Sometimes our daughters get so much nervous with her first period that they are ready to take help from anyone. Tell them that if it happens outside the home then go straight and talk with your close lady. Like if she is in school tell her to discuss it with teachers or if a friend’s house then talks with her friend’s mother or elder sister. Sometimes they discuss it with their friends and in return, they get more tension and panic in her first periods.

Doctor’s help

The period’s cramps and pains are normal and it is better if you avoid taking pain killers every month. But sometimes there are certain situations in which you should take your daughter to doctor to avoid any type of menstruation cycle problems. Some of the worry things about periods are:

  • If the periods are not regular and continuously at every month she is getting late or early period then it is very necessary to consult with the doctor. The menstruation cycle is very perfect if it is for 28 days, but at least 26 days cycle is compulsory to stay healthy.
  • If your daughter is above 15 years and not getting her periods then talk to your doctor because it is not a good sign of a healthy body.
  • If you observe that she had started developing her breasts 3 years ago but does not have her periods.
  • Take her to the doctor if the cramps and pains are intolerable and the medicines are also not working.
  • If your daughter is suffering from heavy bleeding during her periods then take her to doctor and consult that it is natural or she is having any problem.

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