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A Complete Guide To Help Dads to Conceive

A father is someone who plays the all rounded role for the kid. He can be a hero, a guide, a mentor and even his storyteller at night. But, before all this, he must be sure to carry out the responsibility of a child for his whole life. He must be ready to have a newborn in their life to start a family. He must be fully prepared both mentally and physically in to start a fresh beginning of his life as a father. There is a lot of essential information that he need to know about in order to be a dad.

Given below are some of the tips that fathers must keep in mind before having sex And must research all the crucial details about being a parent:

What is Ovulation?

The release of the eggs from the ovaries is called ovulation and the body is fertile during this time. It naturally occurs 14 days earlier the menstrual cycle. The first day of bleeding in a month marks the onset of your partner’s cycle. They will ovulate around ten to fifteen days after that if they have a 28-day cycle.

As a parent-to-be, knowing the terms related to pregnancy and their significance is a must. This knowledge helps you not only in being more active in this very important part of your life but also in participating in the decisions regarding the same.

What is Ejaculation?

Millions of sperms are released during each ejaculation. The seminal fluid has around 210-520 million sperm. A fraction of them will reach the egg situated in the fallopian tube because while a quarter of them turn out to be abnormal, the remaining three quarters will be able to move independently in order to reach the tube.

How Often Should You Have Sex?

Contrary to popular beliefs that dictate you need to chart out and calculate the exact days on which conception is most possible, having sex regularly during a month is the best approach, says the National Health Service (NHS). This lifts the pressure from both the partners and also helps in not turning sex into another chore!

Don’t Let Your Sex Life Become A Bore

This is in continuation with the previous point because a lot of times while couples are trying, they get so lost in the calculations and the specifics of the process, that they end up making sex just another task on their to-do list. You can avoid that by keeping the spark alive with surprises, romantic gestures or dates, even.

Are There Any Sex Positions That Guarantee Conception?

Again, another myth. There is no certified position that guarantees conception. But some people do claim that since certain ones offer deeper penetration or allow your partner to lie down so as to keep the sperm inside for a long while, they work better. Whether you believe these to be true or just some old wives’ tales, keep in mind that the key is to have sex regularly.

Factors That Affect Conception

Most of the times, conception occurs within a year of trying. But often when that doesn’t happen, going to the doctor in order to figure out the issue at hand is a good idea. There are various factors that hinder conception, like hormonal disorders, autoimmune diseases, or alcohol consumption, but more often than not, it is possible to get pregnant despite them.

Navigating Fertility Issues

If you’ve been trying for a while and having sex on a regular basis, you can try to identify each other’s periods of peak fertility and make sure you have sex during those times. You can reach out to close friends and family members you trust to help you navigate this as well.

It is important to note that if the issue turns out to be fertility, no good can come out of guilt trips. Fertility is so often out of our control, and blaming each other during such a time helps no one.  Don’t let those pesky Facebook posts of your friends’ gender reveal or pregnancy announcements bog you down. Remember that you don’t know their whole story and struggle, just like they don’t know yours.

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Let Your Doctor Know About the Medications You Are Taking

Your doctor should be aware of all the medications you are taking, like for any prolonged condition such as asthma or epilepsy. You should also tell them your personal and family history related to pregnancies. This may include instances of miscarriages, maternal deaths, fertility issues, etc.

About Smoking, Drinking, and Drugs

You probably already know that women should not consume alcohol, take drugs or smoke around the time of pregnancy. But an, unfortunately, lesser known fact, and advice, is that their partners should also not indulge in such practices during this time. This is because they form a core part of the fetal-maternal environment, toxins like these, even if not administered directly, have the power to do harm to them.

Get a Sexual Health Check-up

STI’s often go undetected, and it is always a good idea to get a health checkup done while you are trying to have a baby. Early detection helps you, your partner and the baby as well.  If gone untreated, a lot of them cause fertility issues, cause complications during or after birth, and can even be passed on to the newborn.

How to Support Your Partner

On your journey to having a baby, there will be times when all hope seems lost and keeping on trying feels pointless. When you find each other in the company of such thoughts, listen to their concerns patiently. Remind yourselves of all the reasons this just might work out, instead of focusing on why it won’t.

Final Words

Thus, these were some of the essential guidelines for the dads which could help them to understand the true meaning of being a parent and to be sure about carrying the responsibility of the child. It is rightly said that mothers are the goddess of love and care while fathers are the superheros for their child.


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