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Dads should know everything about Pregnancy

Congratulations, as soon as you are going to be a father. But do you know that you have to go through with the toughest situation of pregnancy and labor? We know that you are totally unaware of the term pregnancy.

Many questions in your mind including that, How it will happen? What actually preggies need? When a pregnant woman needs support! or Why you are important to be with your pregnant wife. There are a lot more queries that cannot be defined.

You are excited as well as nervous and tense about the nine months. But don’t worry; we are here with some basic guidelines for you so that you can also rock the pregnancy period of your wife.

Let’s have a look that your baby is reacting in the particular month

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Baby’s Development

First Month

For the first four weeks your baby is a tiny embryo and started to divide into three parts:

  1. The upper layer contains the neural tube, from which the brain, backbone, spinal cord, and nerves will develop.
  2. The middle layer is developing the heart and circulatory system.
  3. The lower layer is working to grow the lungs, intestines, and urinary system.


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Second Month

In the second month, your baby has started to develop his body parts. Baby limbs, wrist, face, fingers, mouth, tongue, heart, and other body parts. From the second month, your baby started to take some nutrients which your wife eats, through the placenta and amniotic fluid. Your baby will get the tiny taste of the entire flavor of what your wife eats.

During the second month, you are able to see the baby’s print through ultrasound and you will also get to know whether you have one or twins baby.

Third Month

The third months have started and now the vocal cords of your baby started to develop. He is now able to make noise but you are unable to hear them.

The ovaries and testes are fully developed depending upon the gender of the baby.

This is the month when your baby had started to learn the breathing process by inhaling and exhaling the amniotic fluid.

The senses of the baby are developing and he can clearly hear the loud noise.

The babies have started to make facial expressions like sticking their tongues or opening their mouths. He had started to move the hands and legs.

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Fourth Month

The fourth month has started and now your baby got the human look. The eyes and ears got their proper position along with the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows.

In this month your bay started to move around. However, it is not sure that you and your wife are going to feel it very soon.

A thin layer of skin has started to develop on the baby’s body which is known as vernix cases. This is a protective coating that protects the baby’s skin in the womb from various infections.

Fifth month

In this month baby is developing with lanugos which is a hair coating to all the body that will be shed down almost before the delivery.

During these months, the baby is learning how to swallow things. He is now swallowing some of the amniotic fluid which will turn into meconium, a sticky black substance in the body. This black substance will come out in the form of his first poo after birth.

All other body parts are developing and improving their working process in the body.

Sixth Month

So, dads, it’s your baby’s sixth month in the womb. Now the baby is gaining healthy fat under the skin which will reduce her wrinkles on the skin. Fat is also important to maintain body temperature.

Baby will also make his spine stronger which will also increase the weight of your baby. The brain will start developing at the end of the month.

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Seventh Month

This month, your baby has adopted the look of a newborn human baby. He had started to move around in the womb into a head-down position.

If you think that the movement is slowing down this month then talk to your midwife to clear your doubts.

Eighth Month

In the eighth month, your baby will gain extra weight and he will need more blood for his body. The baby will shift toward the down which will make the partner’s bump drop as the baby is making space for him to come out in the next month.

Ninth Month

Finally, wait over and your baby is fully developed to be born. Many babies were born at the starting of the ninth month while some were born at the end or after the ninth month. Every pregnancy is different which depends on the body of the mother and the growth of the baby.

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Wife’s feeling and your responsibility

First month

The first trimester is very critical and sensitive. You have to look after her with care. This is just the starting of the pregnancy and thus your wife is going to suffer from many pregnancy symptoms like:

  • Tiredness
  • Sore breast
  • Gets irritated with the smell of food
  • Morning sickness
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Vertigo

Sometimes you are going to be targeted for no reason but please don’t take it personally as your wife is facing mood swings. This is the best time when you can show your care and share your feelings with her as it will give strength to your wife to face the upset morning sickness.

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Second Month

The second months have started and now it’s time to look for a good doctor or midwife for regular checkups. Select the nearest hospital as it will help you while the labor pain starts or any other emergency comes in pregnancy.

Take your wife for ultrasounds and other body check-ups.

You are also asked to do a blood test to avoid any type of risk for the baby’s health.

Avoid odd invitations like late-night parties and too much gathering.

Say no to alcohol and smoking.

Get knowledge about all the maternity and paternity benefits. meet new parents to know about the economic benefits of giving birth to the baby.

Take your wife for exercise and encourage her to do so. Walking and swimming are the basic exercises from which she can start to make herself healthy for the whole pregnancy.

Third Month

The third month is the safest month to plan for a babymoon as your wife will be free from morning sickness.

It’s your time to shop for her maternity clothes and feel special.

Manage the time for the antenatal classes and make the appointments according to your wife’s comfort.

Make some healthy nutritious food for your wife to make her healthy.

Fourth Month

The fourth month and the second trimester had started. This is the best trimester for pregnancy. You can enjoy your sexual relationship during this month. Go for a short trip, healthy get-together with friends and relatives.

Fifth Month

The five-month of your wife’s pregnancy will be very good as compared to the previous month. She will like to eat food and you are the one who has to fulfill his all cravings.

Constipation is one of the problems which can upset many women. Give your wife to eat high fiber foods, fruits, green vegetables, lentils, beans, etc.


Sixth Month

The sixth month started and very soon the second trimester is going to end. Nourish her with healthy fruits and vegetables. Don’t make to eat for two or more because it will harm your wife’s health. Overeating in pregnancy can discomfort a pregnant lady with heart-burning issues.

Seventh Month

Hey, it’s the seventh month and you know many women give birth at this month which is known as premature delivery. However, the babies were then kept under observation.

The third trimester will again be irritating and frustrating as your wife will experience severe pelvic pain, swelling, itchy and stretchy skin. If the discomforts are beyond the limit then talk to the doctor.

Eight month

So, it’s time to pack the hospital bag whenever you get time because next month is delivery time. Pack your essentials too. You can check what to pack in the maternity hospital bag.

Start giving a perineal massage to your wife. This is a technique of massaging the vagina which helps in loosening the muscles and proved beneficial at the time of labor.

Ninth Month

The month came for which you are waiting for the last eight months. Enjoy the birth of your baby and give her your skin touch also so that your baby will develop a more emotional attachment with you along with your wife.


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