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Top 8 signs that your Coworkers are into Open Office Romance

Have wondered if your coworkers who otherwise act normally but might actually be involved in a relationship? Office romance is a common thing encountered in many of the firms and offices. As coworkers we are bound to spend almost the whole day with each other and if connection strikes this open the doors to something which is common nowadays called as office romance.

Of course, it comes with both advantages as well as disadvantages but is mostly avoided because it is always good to keep your personal life separate from your professional career. If you are working in a firm and want to know if your coworkers are dating for real, here are 8 signs that will confirm your thought:

  1. They won’t be able to complete much work on time:

If your coworkers are dating, you might notice that they often run short of time when it comes to completion of day to day tasks or for that matter even big projects that work on. Your job requires lot of efforts to finally get recognised by your boss. For this you need give in your best with your whole concentration only on work. Couples might find it difficult to give their whole time to their work and therefore fail to accomplish the given tasks.

  1. Their leave days tend to match each other:

Another sign that your coworkers might be involved in a relationship is that they often take a leave on exactly the same day. If you felt that it was a coincidence every time, it is high time that you actually think over it and analyze the situation. There can be situations where in two workers might coincidentally not show up on the same day, but if the annual leave days are matching exactly it is an indication that they might be spending more time together outside the office.

  1. When they look well-dressed than otherwise:

You might have observed your workers suddenly changing their dressing style and going for more better and appealing look everyday which they might not have been following otherwise. If your coworkers used to come wearing the same normal clothes before and now have been dreading well lately, then it is also a sign that they might actually be involved in an open office romance. People involved in a relationship often tend to dress up well to have a better impression on their fellow coworker.

  1. When both of them have Same hobbies:

Ever wondered why suddenly your coworkers are finding interest I’m things they didn’t even talk about before? This is a clear sign that something is up between the two. When you are dating someone, you often try to understand and know the other person’s interests and hobbies and take interest in it to such an extent that you end up making it has your own hobby. This is common among couples and you will see them talking about it almost everyday.

  1. Their breaks are scheduled at the same time:

You might have noticed that if one of them is going to have a cup of coffee during the break, the other won’t be seen. It so happens that both of them take regular breaks scheduled at the same time since this is the only private time, they get to talk to each other. Having such small dates during the office hours itself is a self-explanatory sign of them being in a relationship.

Office Romance

  1. Leave the office late:

Another common sign shown by those who are involved in office romance is that they tend to wait longer in the office. They love spending most of their time in office even though they actually do not have that much work. You might have experienced situations where in your coworkers make excuses to leave the office and tend to wait for extra hours. This isn’t something that is normal since normally the workers always wait to go home as soon as possible as they want to reach home and take rest. And when there is actually no work to be done and yet your fellow workers want to stay shows that they are definitely up to something. This is the only chance they get to interact with each other since there is less crowd at the office at such odd hours.

  1. They leave the office one after the other rather than going together:

Coworkers involved in a relationship are always under the pressure that they might get exposed by their fellow workers. This is a serious situation since there are many companies that formulate laws regarding such things which clearly states that you are not allowed to date any of the people working in the office, may it be your fellow worker or even people at higher positions such as a supervisor. Since it would violate this law, both of them would have to face serious consequences. There fore you might have noticed that they won’t leave the Office at the same time to not make it obvious but will definitely leave one after the other.

  1. They tend to have less eye contact:

If your coworkers are into office romance, they might have a tendency to avoid looking at each other much when they around other workers because they might feel kind of conscious and nervous since they themselves are aware of the truth but might be scared that others might get a hint about it. You might have also noticed that initially they used to talk a lot freely and laugh around but now they will tend to behave very formal with each other. Things like these are hidden signs towards a growing office relationship.

So, if you have noticed any of the above signs looking at your coworkers you might have actually discovered a new hot topic to gossip about in your office. So, keep your eyes wide-open, may be there are some office romance buddies near you as well!


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