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Complete Guide to Buying Safe Lipsticks During Pregnancy

The woman is totally in love with makeup. Makeup helps them to beautiful their skin and makes them feel confident and pretty. But when women are pregnant, they become skeptical and have negative thoughts about using makeover products. They feel like these product contains toxins that might cause harm to the baby inside their wound. However, it is very important for the ladies to understand that the makeup and fashion industry keeps in mind the growing demand of the pregnant woman in this concern. They have come up with a plethora of nontoxic makeup items that will cause no harm to their skin because of their natural and ayurvedic ingredients in it.

In this article, we will have a detailed understanding of buying healthy lipsticks during pregnancy and some best lipsticks that are made of natural ingredients.

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Wearing makeup is good or not?

Makeups are generally preferred by all women but it can be harmful to your baby if it contains toxic ingredients. Some women worry that maybe the makeup could leach into their bloodstream and poison the baby. Well, most cosmetics are not subject to any regulation in the markets. For your safety in pregnancy, watch out for the toxic ingredients in any of your cosmetic products and stay away from it if they include any toxic ingredients. Many women believe that products using natural ingredients are a safe alternative during pregnancy. Surprisingly this is not always the case. Nail Polish, hair dyes, etc all contain chemicals. Though there is no evidence of these chemicals to affect unborn child it is advisable to avoid the use of chemicals during pregnancy or you may use them in well-ventilated rooms.

Not all makeup products are harmful during pregnancy. But there are few things that you need to avoid during pregnancy such as alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine. There are many skin products like toner and cleansers in which acid is present. But it is not a problem. There is a big problem with salicylic acid. Pregnant women should also avoid salicylic acid as it can be enough to make your baby sick. If you have been using salicylic acid you should stop immediately.

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Women should be particularly careful at the time of pregnancy. Exposure to toxic chemicals can have a long-lasting effect on reproductive health. You should avoid antiaging products as too much of this could potentially lead to birth defects. When you are pregnant you don’t know which product is right and safe for your little one growing in your womb so it is important to talk with your doctor before using any skincare product before you got pregnant. So you need to be very careful during the period of pregnancy as toxic chemicals can have a significant effect during conception. We are not saying you should give up using makeup altogether but don’t use those products which contain chemicals and can be harmful to your baby. You just need to put these ingredients on the no list. That’s it.

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How to select the right lipsticks?

Many lipsticks contain traces of lead and other types of metal. These can be very harmful to you as well as for your child’s health. You may find traces of cobalt, copper, titanium, chromium depending upon the color of your lipstick. Having too much of these metals in your system can have a risky effect on your pregnancy. Vibrant pink and the richest red lipsticks are the most common colors that are known to contain the most traces of these metals. But there are many lipsticks that are free from metals and dangerous chemicals. You must be extra careful with what you put in your body and it is also important to give attention to what you apply on your skin.

You may use lipstick made from organic and natural ingredients. You may also use some tinted lip balm to moisturize your lips while also adding color. You should avoid red lipsticks as it contains more aluminum than other shades. Light shades of lipsticks and lip balms are relatively safer. When it comes to pregnant women no level of lead is safe. Lead can pass on to the newborn child who has less tolerance for it. So the best thing to do is read makeup labels and try wearing lipstick in small doses that you know is absolutely safe for your baby.

Buy a safe lipstick

Best safe lipsticks for pregnancy

  • SACHAR MD Pregnancy Safe lipstick: Dr. V Sachar has researched all the makeup brands on the market and created a brand that removed all harmful chemicals that can harm a developing fetus. Their lipsticks are made with certified organic ingredients that deliver protective moisturizing antioxidants to your lips. They are non-toxic and safe in pregnancy.
  • Soul Tree Ayurvedic Lipstick: The Ayurvedic Lipstick contains honey and butter that keep your lips moisturized and have a lightening effect. It doesn’t contain any type of toxic substance. So it is completely safe to use during pregnancy. Also, it is available in multiple shades.
  • Ecco Bella Flower Colour Natural Lipstick: This is the another best product to use for pregnant women. It is completely safe to use. It is also fragrance, paraben, and gluten-free.
  • Botanical Lipstick Cherry Plum: If you are pregnant, your lipsticks do not contain mineral oil and lead. Botanical lipstick is a non-toxic It has natural ingredients, vitamin E and oils derived from castor seed and sunflower. It does not give any color to your lips but is very effective in moisturizing.

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A Word From Parents Talks:

Thus, we can say that pregnancy never devoids you from using anything that could harm your baby. You just need to be a bit cautious before using anything on your skin. So make sure that you apply what is best for you and the baby. Also, read the above guidelines and makeup products for your lips that will not only make your lips more glossy but will keep them healthy throughout your life.

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