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Signs of Labor: Early Signs & Symptoms of Labor

Hello all preggies, Now it’s time to deliver your baby but did you know that how to get the symptoms of having labor? Do you know the difference between labor and pre-labor? This is very sensitive as well as a critical time for you so it is very important to get all the knowledge of labor, pre-labor, and early labor.

As you will enter into the nine-month you will get some cramps and pains in your lower abdomen, but it is hard to predict that those pains are real or a false alarm for labor. So, if you want to know the difference between the real and false labor then read the full article and also gain your knowledge about the symptoms of labor.  

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Difference between true or false labor

It is very important to understand the difference between early labor and real labor. In both cases, there will be contractions but both will have a different feel. If you are having false pain then it will not come regularly and will stop when you rest, change sleeping position or while walking. But in the case of real labor, the contraction will be regular and you will also feel severe pain. Nothing will give you relief, whether you sleep or walk. This is the main symptom to differentiate between early labor and real labor.

Apart from this, here are some of the common and basic symptoms which will give you the sign that your baby is soon going to deliver. Check out: 

Baby drops:

One of the most common signs of labor is the drop of the baby towards the endpoint of the cervix. This process is known as lightening because the woman feels very easy to take a breath after the baby drops down. But no doubt the lower abdomen will become heavy. Baby drops in the ninth month, only when it’s delivery time. So, it is a very big sign of labor. 

Frequent Urine:

As the baby will drop down, you will feel frequent urine. This happens because now the baby’s head will push the bladder which will make you feel to go the bathroom several times. However, you can take an easy breath as your baby is no longer pressing against your lungs. 


In the ninth month the cramps are normal, but if you feel severe cramps, contractions and stretching inside the muscles and joints then be prepare for the labor and delivery. 

Back Pain:

The pain in the lower back is also a strong symptom of labor. However, some women have to struggle a lot with back pain, even for the whole nine months. 

The cervix opens:

As soon as your baby will drop down, the cervix will start to dilate or open. Some women’s cervix starts to dilate some weeks before, but in some cases, the cervix opens a few hours before the delivery. Don’t compare it with others because every pregnancy is different.

Excess swelling:

Swelling on legs is common for the entire pregnancy period but during the last month of the third trimester, you will feel excess swelling to the whole body, especially face and hands. This also indicates that soon your labor time is going to start. 


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Tired feeling;

Pregnancy is not the time to feel energetic but when at the last month you feel excess tiredness and suddenly your energy level goes down then be prepared to face some more symptoms of labor. 

Water leaking start:

If suddenly you feel some water leaking from the vagina then immediately consult with your doctor. This is the most common and last stage of labor symptoms. When the baby starts to push the cervix, the water bag breaks down and amniotic fluid comes out to give you the sign of having a baby within some hours. 

Mucus plug:

This is also one of the symptoms of having labor soon. The white or pinkish vaginal discharge indicates that within a few days or weeks the labor pain will start.


Things to manage labor pain at home

Labor pain can start at any time and at anywhere. Here are some of the tips which will prepare you to avoid panic and do some very important activities.

  • As soon as you know that this is your real labor, call your husband, family member or any others who can help to take you to the hospital.
  • Call your doctor to inform them about your pregnancy conditions and how you are feeling.
  • Be relaxed until someone comes and doesn’t take tension because it may increase your blood pressure which may high the risk of pregnancy.
  • Take long breathes to release your pain and contractions.
  • Take a slow walk and move around. Walking, swaying can make the delivery easy.
  • Take warm water birth to reduce labor pain.
  • Ask your hubby to give you the last massage of pregnancy.

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When to consult a doctor

Sometimes along with the false or real labor, some unusual thing happens which can develop a critical situation for your delivery. Call your doctor or midwife if you feel something wrong in your whole pregnancy period because prevention is better than cure. Some of the serious situations in which you should call your maternity unit urgently are:

  • Water bag burst out and amniotic fluid starts to leak.
  • Suddenly your baby drops down before the last month of the third trimester.
  • Start bleeding.
  • The baby in the womb stops moving or move less than usual.
  • The cervix opens before the ninth month.
  • Excess contractions start

These are some of the major factors which can risk your pregnancy. So, in this situation urgently talk to your midwife.

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