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Common pregnancy complications

Pregnancy is the time in a woman’s life when she carries another life inside her. Just like it sounds, pregnancy is a life changing experience where a woman’s body goes through so many changes. The body starts to prepare for feeding the fetus growing inside the womb. Those nine months when the baby is inside the mother, are heaven and hell both. Read these Most common reasons not getting pregnant

A woman has to be up for everything when she is pregnant. She goes through so much because the body goes through so many complications. Some common pregnancy concerns that any couple would have are listed below.

Common pregnancy concerns

  1. High blood pressure

Blood flow has to be efficient and proper during pregnancy so that it reaches the fetus. High blood pressure can make it hard for the blood to reach the placenta. This could become a major risk for the major as it could lead to pre-term labor and preeclampsia.

If you have had occurrences of high blood pressure before pregnancy, then you will have to monitor it continuously in order to avoid any risks. It is actually quite common in pregnancy and goes away after delivery.

  1. Diabetes

Just like high blood pressure, women can also develop gestational diabetes. Pregnancy causes a lot of hormonal changes which can lead to the pancreas not making enough insulin or the organ performing abnormally. This is the reason the glucose inside the mother’s body doesn’t get broken down and increases.

In the end, the result is diabetes. Constant care has to be taken if such a case happens. Because gestational diabetes further leads to high blood pressure. A situation might arise that the baby is born bigger than usual.

  1. Infections

Infections are quite common during pregnancy but equally dangerous. Some of these could be sexually transmitted and may transfer from the mother to the child.

In such cases what happens mostly is pregnancy loss, pre-term labor, birth defects and many more complications. Infections don’t ever end up with good results, so it is always good to take good care and be alert.

Pre-natal testing is highly important if you want to avoid such infections. Just in case, you have an infection, go to your doctor immediately so that steps can be taken to make sure you and your child are healthy and safe.

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  1. Preterm labor

Preterm labor is a major concern because in these cases the baby is born before it’s even healthy or even capable of breathing. Organs like lungs etc. haven’t even properly developed when the birth takes place, so the baby is at a huge risk. The mother also faces complications during pre-term labor infections or a shortened cervix. Supplements have to be given to the mother beforehand to make sure something like this doesn’t happen. The risk will be highly reduced with the help of progesterone supplements.

  1. Miscarriage

A miscarriage is the worst thing that can happen during a pregnancy. Along with the pain of losing a baby, there are a lot of health problems that arise with it.

You have to know the symptoms of a miscarriage like vaginal bleeding etc. immediately rush to the doctor in such a case so that proper measures can be taken to make sure everything is in place.

  1. Stillbirth

Any time after 20 weeks, if a pregnant woman loses her baby then it’s known as a stillbirth. The reasons could be many for this to happen. Poor fetal growth or undeveloped placenta could be some of the reasons why this happens, but doctors can’t exactly put the finger on something rigid.

  1. Other concerns

Pregnancy is a hard time for women. Discomfort comes with it, so you are bound to experience nausea, vomiting, iron deficiency, morning sickness and many more.

Some of these situations could go worse so during pregnancy always be up on your toes for everything. Keep consulting your doctor regularly to make sure everything is in check at all times. Have the same doctor monitor you for those nine months because it’s good that someone knows your history.

Anything beautiful needs us to go through, so these concerns are just a part of the miracle you give birth to.

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