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All About Christmas Facts For Kids

Jingle bells, jingle bells

Jingle all the way!

Oh, great what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh……

No doubt that with the arrival of December month, this song starts to make a lot of jingles in our minds. 25th December Christmas Eve is the most popular festival which is celebrated by billions of people around the world.

Christmas for kids is all about the gifts from Santa Claus. Along with gifts children are also excited to enjoy lots of fun by playing different games and activities, getting new clothes and yummy, delicious food to eat. But did they know why Christmas is celebrated! This is the guardian’s responsibility to give proper information and tell all the facts hidden, behind celebrating any festival.

This article contains some facts related to Christmas which is very important to know for parents as well as children. Check out: 

  • Christmas is celebrated because Lord Jesus Christ born on this day. 25th December is the birthday of Jesus Christ.
  • It is said that when Jesus was born a bright star was seen in the sky which was followed by the three kings. They gave so many gifts to Jesus like gold, the aromatic resin which is used for perfumes and many other things.
  • According to some historians, there is no exact date that when Jesus born. Some believe that Jesus was born in spring while others say about winter. Some historians said that 25th December is chosen because of the pagan festival which is celebrated to honor the agricultural god Saturn for giving them good farming crops.
  • Christmas tree was invented by the Egyptians and Romans but they always use the evergreen trees like wreaths and garlands.
  • In the 16th Century, the decorated trees were first used by the Germans but unlike today’s tree decoration, their tree was decorated with the fruits, nuts and other sweets.
  • One fact about Santa Claus which rarely people knows is that the character of Santa Claus came in existence from one of the Dutch citizens named St. Nicholas. He was a kind-hearted and helps the poor and needy people. The Dutch start to call him Sinterklaas because of spreading love. Later it became Santa Claus for the whole world. St. Nicolas was much attached to the children and secretly give them gifts and this is why today also Santa Claus gives gifts to the kids.
  • One more hidden fact of Santa Claus is his dress color. The red was not always the color of his dress. The other color dresses were also there for Santa Claus. But in 1931 the beverage company Coca Cola created the image of Santa Claus in the red color dress which looks cool according to his look. And then after till today, our Santa is seen in red color.
  • Christmas tree is also known as Xmas which kids read from their childhood. The X in the Xmas tree came from the ancient Greek language where Christ begins with the letter X.
  • The decoration is the main thing of Christmas without which the festival is incomplete. Christmas is all about the decoration of homes, shops, malls, and everything.


  • In England, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand the 26th December is celebrated as a Boxing day. In previous centuries, the money in the form of gift is given to the charitable institutions that provide their goods and services for the whole year.
  • The famous Christmas song Jingle bell was intentionally not written for Christmas. It is written in 1857 by James Lord Pierpont which was played in the composer’s Sunday school as a Thanksgiving Song.
  • The Jingle bells song was published under the title “One Horse Open Sleigh” and it is also the first song that was broadcast from space.
  • Often we see the spider web in the Christmas decoration. According to the old saying, Spider was the one who wove the blanket for the baby Jesus. Some say that the web on Christmas decoration turns into silver and gold when sun rays fall on it.
  • From our childhood, we have listened about the hanging stockings or socks story that Santa will drop a gift in it. But according to historians, it was the story of a poor man whose 3 daughters hung their stockings at the chimney so that it can dry out. But St. Nicolas, the good man dropped the gold in it intentionally to help them out from their poverty. And then this became a trend of hanging socks outside on 24th December night.
  • Mistletoe is believed to be the symbol of love and it is supposed that Jesus spread its blessings through mistletoe. It is also said that this not only used for decoration but also saves people from negative energies.
  • In Iceland, there is not only 1 Santa but 13 Santa Claus starts to come before 13 days of Christmas. They reward good children and give punishment to the naughty one. However, they give gifts to all the children according to their whole year’s behavior. In Iceland, children put their shoes under the Christmas tree and Santa fills it with gifts and chocolates.

So these are some of the Christmas Facts and there are still many more to know. Anyways, now it is time to enjoy the festivals with full enthusiasm, excitement, and fun with friends and families. Merry Christmas to all of you. Enjoy the year-end moment with your friends and family.

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