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Choosing a Fertility Clinic

Staffed medical clinics that treat individuals or couples who wish to conceive but are not able to do so through the natural processes because of some deficiency or defects in the reproductive system are called fertility clinics. Such clinics apply a lot many tests to diagnose infertility and use advanced techniques to overcome the problem of infertility and achieve desired pregnancy and conception. Such clinics are staffed with highly trained professionals including Embryologists, Reproductive Endocrinologists, and Sonographers, etc.

You need to do research on Fertility clinics in your locality. You may also ask for recommendations from your family or friends about their expertise, reliability, and success rates. It is very important that you reach a correct fertility clinic because you will have to pay for your mistake for the rest of your life. The cost, the facilities available, and the quality of service rendered should be considered when choosing the fertility clinic.  Responsiveness, the distance you have to travel, the equipment available are also very important factors that should be weighed along with other parameters when choosing your fertility clinic.

As an instance supposes that the female partner is looking for a gynecologist who will record the temperature of the body for a long time and will go for blood test to check the level of hormones inside the body, while the male partner is going to a urologist to check out his plumbing. But when it comes to diagnosing a single problem, you wish that if there could be a single doctor who can suggest the actual problem. Here comes the role of a fertility clinic providing couples and individuals with big picture advice.


There are several things that should be kept in mind before you visit a fertility clinic. Some of them are listed below:

  • You should first discover the kinds of infertility procedures that are carried out at a particular clinic before you commit to visiting one. There are several good books that can help you reach up the decision of which fertility clinic will best solve your problem. One of which is “What to Do When You Can’t Get Pregnant: The Complete Guide to All the Technologies for Couples Facing Fertility Problems”.
  • A website named “center of disease control and prevention” contains the success rate of all fertility clinics around the country. The database of the website is kept updated with recent data. One should check for the best infertility clinic that is giving the best results currently sine it is possible that the other infertility clinic that used to be best a few years ago might be giving poor results nowadays because of staff turnover or other reasons.
  • Check for the rate of staff turnovers of every fertility clinic before you visit. An abnormal rate of staff turnover may indicate a problem with the administration and puts the clinic at higher jeopardy of mistakes.
  • A fertility clinic should always work with ethics, which shows dedication towards the work. Some of the points that should be kept in mind are whether there is a restriction over the age of the patients coming to the clinic, whether the procedures being followed are authorized procedures such as intrauterine insemination (IUI), in vitro fertilization (IVF), etc.
  • Seek professional advice from your gynecologist since he/ she may be better acquainted with people in this field and suggest you a good fertility clinic.

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