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Advantages & Disadvantages of sending your child to preschool

As a concerned parent, are you willing to send your child to preschool? Then, before joining kindergarten, it will be a great decision for both the parents and toddlers as well. The child preschool often has a special curriculum set, so that it favors the kid to a great extent. Their approach to education also has a lot of advantages of early schooling, especially for working moms.

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They have a holistic approach to education too, but there are some disadvantages of early school as well, as it is believed that at this stage, the toddler should stay at home and benefit from the surrounding in their developing years. Therefore, some advantages of early schooling and disadvantages of early school for children are as follows: –


The greatest skill that your child can learn during these early years is interacting with people, which is also called social interaction in other words. This behavior will, in turn, determine how will the child behave with other people, for the rest of his life.

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When you send your toddler to child preschool at such a tender age, he will learn the basic skills on how to interact with people. Thus, some advantages of early schooling are: –

Jorja Parents Talks Magazine
Baby Jorja

(1)    Sending your toddler to child preschool will help the child in developing important skills, such as helping one another, taking turns, listening to others, etc. Talking to other children in the class and interacting with them will teach your child to communicate better in the future.

(2)    Another advantage of early schooling and sending your toddler to child preschool is that a preschool program can imbibe within a child all the necessary literacy skills. In this way, the child will gain a basic knowledge of the alphabet, mathematical skills, and other fundamental knowledge as well.

(3)    The third important advantages of early schooling are that the preschool will prepare the kid for a better time during school hours. This simply means that the preschool will prepare the kid for a formal schooling system, which in turn, helps them to adapt well to the classroom environment.

(4)    Another important advantage of early schooling teaches the child to be self-sufficient, as they are provided with enough space to learn appropriate classroom behavior. As the preschool provides a great opportunity for the children for learning certain things, it will, in turn, help your child develop a healthy sense of self and independence. Your child will value the importance of time and not waste it like other children, in trying to get adjusted. Even the classroom environment and the lesson that the child is supposed to learn after he has joined the school will help them in the long run, for a better future.

(5)    Other advantages of early schooling simply mean that the kid is having fun and enjoying it so that it becomes a “me-time” for the parents to cherish themselves. Preschool assures you that your toddler will simply have a lot of fun, which will make him/her actively present there. Therefore, you, as a parent will have some time to yourselves, when you will definitely indulge in a little bit of independence and free time.

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With every advantage, comes certain disadvantages too. Hence, sending your toddler to child preschool at such a young age is also not good enough for the child. This eventually leads to critical problems, as it hampers the child’s growth. Thus, some disadvantages of early school are as follows: –

(1)    The preschool program should be drafted in such an expert manner that the child learns all the right things, which they should learn in their growing years.

(2)    Another disadvantage of early school is that they should have trained and well-behaved teachers who can understand a child’s behavior. They should be experienced enough to find out what problem the child is facing at any particular period because children in these tender years crave and yearn for motherly affection.

(3)    The third disadvantages of early school are that if the curriculum is not good and up to the mark, then it can damage the child’s learning process. Not just the learning process, this in turn also damages the attention span and their attitude towards the classes. If the program or the teacher is not good enough, your child’s learning and experiential knowledge will be hampered too.

(4)    The other disadvantages of early school are that if the children in the school are not closely monitored, then they may adopt negative habits. This is the main time when the child actually learns about the world around them changes. Your toddler may be subjected to bullying or fighting at this age. And if such behaviors are not closely monitored, then they may carry on with this in the future as well, which is not a healthy sign.

(5)    The other disadvantages of early school are that it is believed since ages that a child learns more about the world, social interaction, etc. at home. This a traditional belief which is still popular, according to a census that such manners, good habits, is imbibed in a child by staying at home, with his family. Good manners cannot be taught by force, but instead from the child’s presence of mind and the ability to understand things better.

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Sending your toddler to child preschool has many good sides as well as bad sides too. If they are enrolled in a good preschool, then this may help the child in learning various things like social behavior, interaction with adults, good manners, etc., which all comes under advantages of early schooling. But if the child is enrolled in a bad preschool then, it can damage the child’s ability to relate to his friends or teachers. This may even destroy their curiosity for learning, which is actually the disadvantage of early school. Therefore, once you are sure enough of the preschool and its teachers and surroundings, only then send your child to preschool.


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