Chilblains Causes And Symptoms

Chilblains (also called pernio/perniosis) are a condition in which the skin of the toes is inflamed as it reacts to chilly weather. While it is commonly observed on the toes, it may occur over parts of the face or even the fingers. If it occurs, the affected person will experience itching and also a burning sensation. The skin will appear red or dark blue in color. You may also notice swelling in the area.

The cause for Chilblains is the constriction of skin’s tiny blood vessels after being exposed to a cold environment. After exposure to the cold, when the body is warmed up quickly the blood vessels are not able to cope up with the change and results in Chilblains. So, it is better not to expose yourself to extreme conditions in succession. Chilblains are generally of concern for inhabitants or visitors of humid regions.

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Some of the facts associated with Chilblains are

  • A condition of poor circulation can increase the probability of the incidence of Chilblains.
  • It is better to avoid wearing tight footwear as it can predispose a person to this condition.
  • If the diet is not proper, the incidence can be high. It is important to prevent iron deficiency as it can make a person more vulnerable to Chilblains.
  • It is better to warm up the immediate environment, whenever possible.
  • It is essential to wear winter clothes to cope with the falling temperature.
  • Some people are generally more vulnerable to conditions that strike due to cold temperatures. One such example is senior citizens; other examples are people who have a pre-existing medical condition. The chance of such people suffering from Chilblains is high.
  • Women are more prone to this condition compared to men. This means that ladies must take better precautionary measures.

As mentioned earlier, those who suffer from Chilblains may notice that when the temperatures change year after year, they may suffer from it again and again. Such people should take adequate care to prevent and cope up with it. It is also important to cure it properly so that you overcome the chances of infection.

So, whenever itching or burning is experienced, it is better to be warned about Chilblains. You must especially doubt about Chilblains if you experience discomfort at the pressure points of the feet. You do not have to worry much about Chilblains as it is a temporary condition. If you know prior that your body cannot bear the cold, you must take necessary precautions. Woolen socks and other types of protection for the feet can go a long way in preventing the occurrence of Chilblains.

If you suspect that you have Chilblains or if you have confirmed the condition, you should not worsen it by exposing the area to a high temperature. Just keeping feet warm is sufficient for preventing more damage. At the same time, do not scratch the affected area. You can apply a soothing cream and if you notice broken skin, make use of antiseptic dressing.

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