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Cervical Spinal Stenosis

Cervical spinal stenosis refers to a degenerative disease of the neck bones that is slightly more advanced than cervical spondylosis. This is because it will generally affect your lower extremity function aside from experiencing pain in your neck.

This may be caused by the weakening of the vertebral discs that help connect the bones of the neck together. When this happens, the bones of the neck will be misaligned and it will affect your overall normal functioning.

If the discs weaken, the bones that hold the spinal cord will be affected as well. If they lose bone density, the vertebrae will crack and close in on the spinal cord. If this happens, you will experience numbness in your legs which will result in the eventual loss of all functionality and mobility in your lower extremities.

Cervical spinal stenosis can be diagnosed through various x-rays that can determine if your spinal cord has been affected already by this condition. This way, you will be able to know if and when you already have the condition.

As for the treatments, usually, the doctors and will try to use nonsurgical methods first. If this does not work, they will have to use surgery to remove the pressure that affects the spinal cord. This is why you have to strengthen your bones by taking a lot of calcium and other vitamins and minerals so that you will have enough nutrients to counteract the effects of cervical spinal stenosis.

This condition usually is attributed to aging but this does not mean that young people are not prone to this circumstance. This is why you have to do everything that you can to keep your bones healthy and strong so that you would not have the illness at such an early age.


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In connection with this, doctors also use other forms of technology to determine the condition of your spine and neck bones. They also make the patient undergo certain exercises like had rotation and movement to determine the extent of the pain that the patient might possibly feel during that process.

In this way, they would easily determine the extent of the deterioration of the discs if there are any. This is why you have to be very vigilant when it comes to your bone health because it will affect your ability to walk if you do not do anything to have it treated.

Having cervical spinal stenosis is one of the most unfortunate conditions a person can ever have. This is why you should do everything your power to make sure that you maintain a healthy bone structure no matter what happens. If you do this, you would be able to live a full and happy life even during your old age.

Keeping yourself healthy is important if you want to have the capacity to do whatever you want to do to make you happy. This is why you have to protect yourself from any kind of degenerative disease that may affect your physical functioning in a severe way.

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