Celebrity Health Guide

Many of us are quite inquisitive when it comes to health routines that is followed by celebrities so that we can attain an immaculate physique like theirs. Following the celebrity health guide can give us a better perspective about the things which can be included in our life so that we can achieve an enviable body. According to celebrity trainer, Patrick Murphy, one needs to have around three liters of water daily to flush out the toxins from the body and this routine is followed by renowned celebrity Eva Longoria. If you feel that you will not be able to have that much plain water, then you can spruce it up by adding slices of lemons or strawberries in it.

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Having small portions of meals spread throughout the day can increase the metabolism and it also prevents people from the dangers of binge eating. Katherine Heigl follows the five-factor diet, wherein she consumes five meals throughout the day which are high in protein. Giving up on alcohol is an excellent way to stay in shape and Kelly Osbourne would vouch for the same as she lost a lot of weight after staying away from alcohol. Some people find it extremely difficult to let go of alcohol, and in such cases, you can have a small amount of red wine or some cocktail which are low on the calorie scale. Alicia Silverstone attained her svelte figure by becoming a vegetarian way back in the late nineties. Vegetables consist of fibers and they do not have high-calorie content.

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Jennifer Lopez believes in the combination of fish and vegetables to retain her curvy figure. Green tea is another component that forms an intrinsic part of the celebrity health guide, as it contains antioxidants and keeps the body hydrated. Green tea also helps in enhancing the metabolism of the body and Gwyneth Paltrow had lost around fifty pounds through the consumption of green tea. Adding vinegar to salads can keep the stomach filled up for a long time which can curb excessive eating and the urge to have snacks. Having snacks that are free of sugar can also be introduced into the diet so the urge for munching snacks can be fulfilled without consuming the extra amount of calories. Practicing regular meditation and yoga is a route that is followed by many celebrities to reduce stress and maintain a great body.

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