Hairspray Colored

hair clolor girl

There are occasions when you simply want to let your hair down.  You may want to shed your usual image of a smart sober dresser and change over to something a little mischievous.  Colored hairspray can give you ‘fun” look and make you look trendy.  Some people go for an …

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Diet Plan For Breast Feeding Mothers


Breastfeeding mothers must eat healthy foods. By eating a nutritious and balanced diet, the mother can ensure good health for her as well as for her baby.  If the mother does not get 1500 to 1800 calories per day, there will be less production of milk, and the baby may …

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 Ayurvedic Treatment For Flatulence

fart girl

Flatulence is referred to as ‘Adhmana’ in Ayurveda which often causes social embarrassment. Flatulence is a condition in which a mixture of gases is expelled through the rectum. These gases are the by-products of digestion and the mixture of gases is known as flatus.  Flatulence may be accompanied by a strong …

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Ayurveda For Glowing Skin

Red Skin After Waxing

Glowing skin is a sign of good health and is considered an aspect of beauty.  Good diet, healthy living, and using skin-friendly products help in enhancing the skin color and maintaining its glow and youthfulness. Ayurveda is a science of life that provides healing and prevention for diseases based on the …

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The Best Stretch Mark Creams for Pregnancy

streatch mark cream in pregnancy

Well, when it comes to stretch marks what do you think could be the most common reason? Yes, the universal answer, pregnancy. It is a great thought to bring a child into the world but it is not really nice to know that what remains on your body post-pregnancy are …

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 Japanese Herbal Medicine

Japanese herbal medicine

Japanese herbal medicine is as wide as the world itself but known to a small segment of the global population. Try global trotting and you will find a valuable resource the Japanese herbal medicine is. This Japanese herbal medicine has become part of modern drugs. Scientific findings of Japanese herbal …

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Menorrhagia Heavy Bleeding Menstrual Cycle


First of all, let us know and understand what Menorrhagia is. Menorrhagia is a disease that occurs in women during menopause. In this case, women suffer from abnormal and heavy bleeding problems during the menstrual period. Menorrhagia is caused due to abnormality in the blood, change in the hormone, and …

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Allergic To Jewelry

Blond woman wearing ring on finger having rash on neck

There is a rare human indeed who does not appreciate and long for beautiful jewelry! Gold and silver are the preferred metals that enjoy popularity among all irrespective of age, region, or race.  Gold and silver are the precious metals treasured the world over for centuries. The properties of ductility …

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Do Abortions Have Side Effects


With the passage of time and revolutionary improvements in the methods of terminating a pregnancy, abortion has become a much safer option than it was decades ago. However, abortion is a procedure going against the nature of things. It must therefore be opted for with careful thought to the well-being of the …

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When Will Periods Commence After Miscarriage

Irregular Period

After a miscarriage, a woman’s body returns to the normal state it was before pregnancy in a few week’s time. HCG levels start rising during the ensuing months of pregnancy. After miscarriage doctors monitor the levels in order to keep them at 5.0. While for some, periods may begin a good 45 …

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