Paola Macias Bikini Athlete and Fitness Influencer

Paola Macias

Paola Macias is a bikini athlete and fitness model from Medellín, Colombia. She’s a hard-working individual who spends hours in the gym and in the kitchen, following a strict fitness routine to maintain her awesome physique. She loves to work hard for mind and body fitness. Spending 6-7 hours daily on …

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How To Attain Good Body posture


As we all know, people these days are very busy with their work. Most of them cannot find time even for their families, so it is least expected from them that they will find time for themselves. However, due to the rising complaints regarding backache, body ache, and shoulder ache, …

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Are There Any Side Effects Of Yoga


The benefits of including Yoga in daily life are so high that people who regularly practice Yoga will not feel like stopping it. Yoga has been proven to be effective for all ages of people. Even pregnant women can practice some yoga poses. Children can avoid complex poses but still …

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Exercises for Sagging Skin


On the contrary, you can reduce the effect of sagging skin by performing several exercises. The sagging skin exercises help in building muscles and burns out extra fat present underneath the skin. Below is a list of exercises for sagging skin prescribed by experts: Squats: By doing squats which is …

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10 Workout Secrets: Expert Exercise Tips


Good health and fitness are sought by everyone.  Exercise and a sensible diet lead the way to health and fitness.  A regular exercise routine helps you maintain your weight, keep depression, arthritis, stress at bay and keep your body supple and strong.  Here are 10 smart tips to help you …

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Benefits of outdoor playing for kids

Hello parents… Today we are going to share with you the benefits of outdoor games for children. We are living around so many technologies and today the games for kids also became technical.  Mobiles, Television, Videogames and play stations have replaced many outdoor games which can make the kids healthy …

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