Penile Cancer

stressed man

The penis is a rod-like organ in men that expels urine and sperm from the body. It has tissues of two kinds (1)Corpus Spongiosum and (2) Corpora Cavernosa. When these tissues start containing cancerous cells then the disease is called penile cancer. Causes and Risk Factors The first and foremost risk factor …

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Cervical Cancer


The cervix is the bottom-most region of a woman’s uterus. Most part of the womb is located in the pelvic region but the cervical part is in the vaginal region. This is where the uterus connects to the vagina. Cancer causes an abnormal increase in the size and number of cells in the …

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Symptoms of Breast Cancer


Just like various other types of cancers, breast cancer may not exhibit any symptoms in the initial stages. The lump formed may be too small to be felt or seen, or there may be the absolute absence of pain. Any abnormality can only be detected by a mammogram and following tests. For …

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Causes and Symptoms of Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer woman

The abnormal growth of breast tissue cells is the reason for the occurrence of breast cancer. Breast cancer is also caused by an abnormal increase in the growth of cells in the ducts and lobules of the region. There are several types of breast cancer and treatment varies according to …

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Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer

When the cells in the breast tissues start growing abnormally and into huge numbers then there is the possibility of breast cancer. Breast cancer can also stem from abnormal growth in the ducts and lobules. Symptoms, indications, and treatment will vary for different types of cancer. If diagnosed and treated effectively …

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What Does Shoulder Pain Indicate


Shoulder pain may occur for many reasons. It is crucial that the correct cause is detected and effectively treated. Pain in the shoulders usually indicates one or more of the following conditions Probably the most common indication of shoulder pain is dislocation of the shoulder when the scapula is torn apart from …

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How To Treat Abdominal Cramps

woman with PMS cramps

A cramp can be defined as a painful muscle pull that can be caused due to a number of reasons, such as over usage of the particular muscle, lack of oxygen, lack of water in the body, or salt deficiencies. Cramps are a very common medical problem that can happen …

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Pain Behind Neck And Below Head

Body pain Young woman suffering from neck pain and backache, stretching the muscles.

The upper back and the lower region of the neck support our head. The joints (three in number) in the top of the neck allow almost all the movement of the neck and the head. The upper joints of the back and the lower joints of the neck create the support system …

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Body Aches

Body Pain- Neck Pain-Closeup woman neck and shoulder pain and injury. Health care and medical concept.

Body aches are nothing but myalgia, which means muscle pain and it could be a symptom of a disease or disorder.  A person having pain and discomfort in multiple areas of the body is said to have body aches. In general, the discomforts are most prominent in the muscles and …

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What Are The Reasons Behind Pain In Right Arm


The reasons behind pain in the right arm are numerous like bad posture ( leading to stress in the muscles), injuries in the arm or the shoulder or the nearby areas, pinching of neck nerves, herniated disc, cervical radiculitis (that causes pain and numbness ), strokes ( leads to pain and numbness in …

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