Test Yourself To Know Your Fitness Levels


It is very important that a person should know “how healthy he/she is?” it is necessary because it tells you your physical abilities and capacity. One can get an idea about his/her health if goes through a few small fitness tests. These tests are designed in such a way that …

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Are You Too Busy To Exercise

Medium training-ball-abs-pose-hot-body-building-bold-girl-parents-talks-legal Parenting Health Cosmopolitan woman era

Health and fitness are so important to every individual in today’s world. Several individuals are becoming more and more conscious of the outcome of diet and exercise because they have been found to be the main factors that affect people’s health and fitness level. Body-building exercise is the most effective …

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Fenugreek Seeds- Methi Oil For Hair Care

Fenugreek-Seeds- Methi-Oil-Parents-Talks

Methi (Fenugreek seeds) is one of the best herbs that can be used in many ways as a home remedy for problems of hair, skin, or other health conditions like diabetes and obesity.  Due to its beneficial effects without side effects, methi is widely used in general cooking and treatments …

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Hair Remedies For Dry Hair

beautiful lady woman attarctive face

When your hair is devoid of its natural oil and moisture it becomes dry and lacks the shine and soft texture. There are oil glands in the scalp which produce sebum. This sebum serves to keep the scalp moist and hair shiny. Loss of these oils causes drying of the …

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Hair Remedies For Damaged Hair

Beautiful model girl with long wavy and shiny hair . Brunette woman with curly hairstyle

A healthy, lustrous head of hair is a sign of beauty in all cultures. Hair needs a bit of regular attention and care to look its best always. In today’s times with poor personal health and hygiene, lack of time to care for hair, and at the other extreme, too …

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Study On Diet Type or Calories Lost To Lose Weight

Weight Loss Plateaus

There have been various types of discussions that, which is the better diet type or the calorie loss. There has been a study that has shown results over the period of two years. In the study, 811 men and women were considered. They were assigned either of the diets from …

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How To Make Organic Shampoos At Home


The skin is the largest organ of the body and the frontrunner in keeping you protected from the entry of toxins into your body. It is important to keep the skin healthy, hygienic, and clean. Harmful cleaning agents and unguents should be avoided. Using high-quality, harmless and preferably organic cleansers for your skin …

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How To Make Cheap And Best Natural Hair Shampoo


If you are a nature freak or organic freak, you’ll want to use organic products; and the cheap and best natural shampoo too. However, most of the so-called natural or organic products available in the market have deceptive and misleading descriptions. All the cosmetic brands advertise in a way to …

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Are Grey Hair And Thyroid Interconnected

Happy woman brushing hair in bathroom having problem with hair loss

If you are troubled by your gray hair, I shall list some points to lessen your burden. If you want to know are thyroid and gray hair connected, then you should first know about the thyroid. The hormones are produced by a gland called the thyroid gland. You can easily …

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How To Take Care of Hair Texture

Party Hairstyle parents talks

Beautiful hair is something that almost every woman desires. But taking care of your long locks can be more than just oiling and washing. There are many do’s and don’ts when it comes to hair, especially textured hair. Taking care of hair can be a tricky task at times. It …

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