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Top 8 signs of bad parenting

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We have all heard that terrible children originate from awful guardians, and there are a few different ways to be an awful parent. Guardians are kid’s first instructors throughout everyday life. A youngster’s frame of mind, perspectives, objectives, and point of view rely upon what the person in question gains …

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Laughing during pregnancy – Benefits to mom and child

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If you are a mother to be and need your infant to be glad, the principal thing you should be assured is you are cheerful. Chuckling is a basic signal or reaction toward something interesting and funny yet besides that, there are plenty of advantages of laughing during pregnancy is very essential. …

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Top 9 Fun Learning Activities for Kids

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Children don’t really require a classroom to learn their lessons. You can make things about less formal by adding textbook knowledge with some educational exercise for children. These activities make education more interesting and less stressful.  Start with some basic game that helps your children learn the name of the animals, …

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Weaning your Child: The Ultimate Guide for New Mothers

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A new-born passes through many stages in their life and one of them is weaning. Before moving on to weaning tips it is important that we understand the meaning of weaning and its basics. Definition-weaning Weaning is nothing but the period when the child’s diet experiences a shift from breast …

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Top 8 Good Habits Every Parent Must Teach their Children

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A good habit for children is a reason for worry for each parent since an infant is conceived. They change their very own language, way of life and habits for their children to teach them great propensities. Unexperienced parents get aware of everything around them. Guardians know great that it …

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Yoga asana to rock the pregnancy

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Yoga during pregnancy is very beneficial for mother and baby both. It helps in improving the breathing process which is very necessary to the whole pregnancy period. Yoga not only makes the women physically strong but it also has advantages for their mental relief. Pregnancy is a wonderful time with …

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How smoking kills the pregnancy

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Smoking is bad for health in all condition whether you are pregnant or not. Normally it only harms your health but if you are pregnant then you are also harming the fetus in the womb. Either you quit smoking and Alcohol during pregnancy  when you plan to get pregnant or …

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Summer fruits to delight your baby

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Summer season is at its peak with the hotness of sunlight. In summers not only we but our kids also don’t want to eat the oily and spicy foods. It is people thought that water is best to keep the body hydrated during summer time. But it is not possible …

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