The Benefits Of Raw Food Diet


Someone who is following a raw food diet is off all kinds of processed and cooked foods. The raw food diet is based completely on fruits and vegetables and other things such as sprouts, nuts, grains, beans, and dried fruits. We all know that cooking food, especially over 116 degrees …

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Diet Food Calorie Planner

Diet Food Calorie Planner Girl

For losing weight, the food intake must not exceed the body’s requirement for energy. Eating more than what the body actually needs, results in the storage of the extra calories in the form of fats, or in the muscle.   What are calories?  One calorie is equal to the energy you need …

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Apple Patch Diet


The Apple Patch diet includes attaching a transdermal patch to one’s skin. It can be thought to be similar in appearance to a nicotine patch. The Apple Patch diet transfers herbal weight reduction supplements to the body. This patch leads to differences in body weight in three days. The herbal …

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The Acai Berry Diet


The Acai Berry is a fruit that grows on a palm tree that is found in the Amazon. It has been used in Brazil for over 10 decades and is thought to be part of a number of traditions. The Acai Berry diet became highly popular after a particular segment …

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Diet Followed By Celebrities


Most of us are obsessed with celebrities and especially with the diets that are followed by them. Diet followed by celebrities is mostly vegetarian. A vegetarian diet is preferred by celebrities because most weight loss routines recommend the consumption of fresh vegetables. Since there are many diet plans available it …

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Diet Plan For Flat Abs


One of the first steps which are necessary to achieve flat abs is a specific diet plan for the same. A diet plan for flat abs has been quite popular as there are many people who aspire to have flat abs. The basic rule of any diet plan for flat …

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Glycemic Index Or GI Diet Plan


The Glycemic index is known as GI short and is an indication of the effect that carbohydrates have on the sugar levels of the blood. The carbohydrates which can be broken down at a fast rate at digestion will also release glucose quickly into the blood. Such carbohydrates are termed …

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Lunch Box Diet

Lunch Box Diet Plan Parenting

The lunch box diet is created by a renowned personal trainer named, Simon Lovell. The concept of lunch box diet is based on the concept of carrying healthy foods in your lunch box so that you can eat them throughout the day. According to Simon, one should eat small portions …

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LA Weight Loss

LA Weight Loss Diet Plan

Being able to lose weight and retain a slim and svelte form has become the prerogative of many women the world over. Men too are waking up to the importance of appearances and are looking for proven weight of losing extra fat and flesh so that they can concentrate on …

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Wedding Workouts and Diet Plans


Everybody starts to feel a bit jittery as their wedding day approaches and this happens because they feel too concerned about their physical appearance. This is not an uncommon scenario as most of us want to look stunning on our wedding day. Some people take the route of cosmetic surgeries …

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