Key elements included in a balanced diet for kids

Cereal Recipes Parents Talks

Our body is our real treasure. We need to cherish it and maintain it to live a healthy life. A balanced diet is a necessity of all whether it’s a child or a grown-up person. The difference between the two is their energy levels and the amount of they do. …

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A step-by-step guide to preparing formula milk at home

preparing formula milk at home

Babies are considered as sensitive creatures on earth. As they are new to the surroundings of the environment and have an immature immune system due to which they are more prone to infections and viral diseases. Every feed which is being prepared must be close to the time of the …

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How to perfect the art of Bottle Feeding Your Baby

Bottle Feeding Your Baby

There are many questions and doubts parents who are starting to bottle feed their baby have, and rightly so. Here in this article, we attempt to make you aware about the different aspects of bottle feeding and how you can carry out the process in the best and most informed …

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A Complete Guide to Feeding your newborn baby

mother feeding baby guidance parents talks

As new parents, you have the sole responsibility of fulfilling your baby’s needs. When it comes to nutritional requirements, one of the earliest decisions you are going to have to make is how and what to feed your baby. This article will give you the information you need to make …

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A Full Guide on Ayurvedic Food: Pros, Cons And How It Works


80% of people in our country use some form of traditional medicine, a category which includes “Ayurveda”. Ayurveda places greater emphasis on the selection of food, its processing and cooking and rules for healthy eating. Its approach is very different from the Western approach. It is based on the idea …

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A Complete Guide To Breastfeeding Vs Bottle Feeding

breastfeeding parents talks

Feeding is regarded as the process by which a baby is provided with all the essential minerals and nutrients for the growth and development of the body. There are mainly two processes of feeding a baby which are breastfeeding and bottle feeding. Breastfeeding is done for around six months to …

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Healthy Monsoon foods for children


Are you worried about the monsoon illness to your children? Are you thinking that how to protect babies from several monsoon infections? Or Do you want to know some effective way to prevent the allergies in monsoon season?  You will get all the answers in today’s blog which is specially …

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Easy and delicious lunch recipes for babies

baby eating parents talks

Deciding on lunch recipes is a difficult job for moms. And as a mother, coming up with innovative lunch ideas for babies, and that too, for an 11-month-old baby is not at all easy. The whole day you are busy in taking care of your toddler and at the end too, …

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Drink Tulsi Green Tea daily for fitness

Herbal Tulsi

There is a revolution happening in your teacup these days. This has happened due to recently realized health benefits of not just tea, but “green tea”. We often mistake green tea to be as normal tea. But this is certainly not so. So if you have skipped your daily cup …

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