Want to reduce screen time for kids?


Fed up with your child’s increased time spent in front of the screen? Trying to figure out the best way to reduce screen time for your kid? While unlimited time with electronics might keep your child busy, hope you are well aware that they also need time to play outside, …

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What Parents Need to Check Before School Admission?


Parents want to give the finest education to their children. Because the child is an apple of the eye for his/her parent. So, whenever you select your child’s school or pre-schools, there are a few important aspects you must have cater to. Besides, if you are living in any city, …

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Daughter’s first periods: Get ready to help her

Mother and daughter

Puberty is not as easy to accept for the girls and the most exceptional thing in the teenage girl’s life is her first periods. When girls are unaware of the periods and suddenly face the bleeding in the pants they can get nervous and scare from the situation. This is …

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Advantages & Disadvantages of sending your child to preschool

Jorja Parents Talks Magazine

As a concerned parent, are you willing to send your child to preschool? Then, before joining kindergarten, it will be a great decision for both the parents and toddlers as well. The child preschool often has a special curriculum set, so that it favours the kid to a great extent. Their approach to education also …

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Ultimate 20 Bedtime Stories For Children

Ultimate stories for children

As parents we are not in a condition to deny for the sweet things such as storytelling to our children and the fact that you are so tired from all-day work would be forgotten when it comes to storytelling because it is the special bonding time of parents and children. …

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How does Thyroid lead to a Risk of Miscarriage?

Young Girl Parents Talks 2

Although pregnancy is the most blissful period in a woman’s life, it invites a different set of complications with it altogether. Women have to go through an innumerable number of complications, and one such complication is directly related to the endocrine gland called thyroid gland. The thyroid gland is a …

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