Cardiovascular Health And Cayenne Pepper

It is very important to note that the cayenne pepper is not a herb but it is a fruit-only that this fruit possesses the healing properties that most of the herbs have with them. The cayenne pepper is in the same family as jalapeno and bell pepper. The cayenne pepper is said to contain oleoresin capsaicin and that is where the cayenne pepper derives its health benefits.

The cayenne pepper is highly used in the world in the preparations of dishes and it takes other forms when being applied there which can be in vinegar or as a powder. The cayenne pepper contains oleoresin capsaicin, this substance is responsible for making the body hot and making it release neurotransmitter substance-p into the bloodstream. The hotness property of the cayenne pepper is measured in Scoville units which are also called the heat units. 

The cayenne pepper contains vitamin E, vitamin K, vitamin C, complete B complex. The cayenne pepper is also a rich source of minerals like manganese, dietary fiber, calcium, and potassium.


Benefits of the cayenne pepper

There are several benefits of the cayenne pepper that have come to be of great help to people, the benefits of the cayenne pepper are mostly medicinal or on health which moves deeper to the few many people know the cayenne pepper for which is as a food/cooking purposes. Some of the benefits of the cayenne pepper are

  • Pepper has the ability to stop a heart attack from getting to an individual
  • The cayenne pepper is known to possess the properties of getting down the blood pressure and at the same time strengthening the heart in all its performances.
  • It is through vasodilatation the cayenne pepper improves the blood circulation in the body
  • The cayenne pepper also possess the action of a stimulant which for it is natural and very safe for use
  • Gastrointestinal problems are well taken care of by the use of cayenne pepper, problems such as stomach aches are made easier by the pepper
  • Down to the blood channels the pepper is of great importance for the cayenne pepper helps in the thinning of the blood, as a result, this reduces the possibility of blood clots
  • Conditions that are caused by diabetic neuropathy like pain are relieved by the cayenne pepper together with other conditions like shingles, fibromyalgia, and psoriasis
  • The one thing that appears to be the driving force to the performance of the cayenne pepper is the substance-p depletion effect. Most of the conditions that are relieved by the cayenne pepper including heart health are all related to this substance as well. The cayenne pepper is found to help in the cardiovascular health for it has all the tonic effect that is required on the circulation system.

Benefits to the heart health with Cayenne Pepper

Researchers have said over time put it clear that the cayenne pepper’s most dramatic health benefit is in its ability to stop an individual from getting a heart attack. The effect of its ability is believed to be from the fact that cayenne is able to act as a vasodilator where it opens the arteries for fresh blood flow to the heart to take place. 

Another health benefit that is derived from the cayenne pepper is in its ability to prevent the blood from clotting; this is due to the cayenne pepper’s effect on the blood platelets stickiness. This is done naturally by the pepper and it causes no toxic side effects.

The cayenne pepper is best taken orally in case of a heart attack; it can primarily be mixed in tea which is hot in order to speed up the rate of its entry into the bloodstream.

Benefits of cayenne in diabetes

The cayenne pepper extends its health benefits to diabetes. Research has always found that cayenne is a good treatment of diabetes and over the years it has been used as a folk remedy for diabetes. This is a way of giving confirmation that science is getting a breakthrough with herbal medicine like the cayenne pepper treatment.

For pain relief

There has been produced a great number of creams that are based on capsicum which is found in cayenne pepper. By the depleting substance-p, the creams are able to work in relieving pain on the body and at the same time preventing pain transmission to the brain.

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