Does Water Play Any Role In Weight loss Drinking Water Girl

Does Water Play Any Role In Weight loss

Water plays a vital role in healthy weight loss, but the effect is found to be modest. Drinking enough water is very essential to keep your system balanced. The amount of water to be taken every day depends upon the individual’s weight, physical activities, and so on. Generally, 8 – 10 glasses of water are recommended to keep good health. Water helps flush out the impurities from the system efficiently. At the same time, water retention also is important for the body and this is enabled by drinking plenty of water. Our body should not lose water more than 20% of its water content, lest it may cause death. The basis of all fluids in the body is water. The fluid can be such as blood, lymph, digestive juices, or urine.

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Water is essential for transporting nutrients such as vitamins and minerals and also carbohydrates. In all cellular activity, water plays an important role. If a diet lacks water, it can cause dehydration, besides thirst.

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Drink Water Girl Weight loss

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Water is necessary for weight loss. You should drink the right amount of water every day so that achieving weight loss will be successful. Water has no fat, calories, or cholesterol. Studies have shown that poor consumption of water can result in a fat deposition as the fat is not metabolized into energy. Therefore, when more water is taken, the fat deposition will be lower. The proteins and enzymes in our bodywork efficiently in dilute solutions and therefore, water is essential. The efficiency of proteins and enzymes helps weight loss and fitness. If you want to increase muscle mass, you should drink more water. Proper muscle contraction is helped out by water and this, in turn, helps proper exhaustion of working muscle. This prevents fat from being deposited.

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Weight loss plans strongly support the consumption of plenty of water every day. Any kind of diet should be associated with enough amounts of water. Research conducted in Germany has shown that water consumption has a direct bearing on the burning of calories. Researchers have felt that their findings will have impacts on weight control programs. Eminent medical professionals from Franz-Volhard Clinical Research Center conducted experiments on seven men and seven women with normal weight and good health. Each of them was made to drink 17 ounces of water. After this, the rate at which the calories are burned went up by 30% in both sexes. This happened within 10 minutes after consuming water and the metabolic rate went to its peak in about 40 minutes. There was only a difference in the mechanism of the process. Burning more fat triggered an increase in metabolism in men. In women, the increase in metabolism was caused by an increased breakdown of carbohydrates.

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As per the estimate of the researchers, a person increasing the water consumption by 1.5 liters a day over the course of a year would burn 17,400 calories extra and achieve a weight loss of around five pounds. They have observed that when the body tries to heat the ingested water, it can increase calorie burning up to 40%. These findings have been reported in an issue of The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism.

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